Adding your url to Yahoo | optimisation tips for the YahooSearch engine.

Submitting your Australian url to Yahoo has never been easier.

Yahoo is a growing search engine force on the internet and any serious traffic can be obtained by being well listed in their search results. Add your website to Yahoo link: Add url to Yahoo

Getting listed on Yahoo should be without doubt one of the most important missions on any Internet marketers mind. Yahoo is the biggest of all the search engines, well actually that's not true, you see Yahoo is not technically a search engine it is a human compiled directory of websites and does not have a spider bot going to sites and indexing them. But for the sake of this article when I say search engines I am referring to all 'search sites'.

Did you know that recent estimates show that Yahoo is currently capturing an amazing 40% of all search engine traffic online? Do you know what this means? That means that almost 1 out of every 2 people that do searches on the Internet use Yahoo, everyone on the Internet has done searches some time or another.

Nothing in the world should be clearer to anyone with a website whose just after reading the above figures - you need your site listed in Yahoo. A.S.A.P.

Submission ideas if your website is not listed in the Yahoo Index

Being listed under webpages does not mean you are listed in Yahoo, it in fact means you are listed with Google because Yahoo gets webpage results from Google you are losing lots of potential customers to competitors that are listed in Yahoo. And with the amount of visitors Yahoo can send you even with an average listing this could amount to hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars worth of lost profit.

Now you know how important it is, lets get on to the good stuff, the main body of this Yahoo submitting tips article - how to submit to Yahoo.


Adding your website to Yahoo link: Add url Here!

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