WebSeo+Plus Review of WebCeo Website Optimization Software

I had been using the free version of WebCeo for about 3 months and during that time I had used the intuitive software on 2 of my own website's. I liked the idea of it being free and the ability to lead me from start to finish without a single hiccup.

Right from the start, I was amazed at was was being offered free within this software. Keyword research was vital in the beginning and the optimization section allowed me to fine tune each page of my website.

I'm not one for automatically submitting my site to the search engines, but for the less popular engines I thought It was worth the risk. Well, the submitter has every engine on the net and with the larger sites, you can even fine tune your optimization to suit. Setup an auto submit and you are away.

But, it's the ranking section I use more than any other and the sole reason I ended up buying the full edition. Take any website you have, select as many search engines as you like, chose on the keywords you want to test your ranking on and click "scan". It's that simple!

I monitor my main sites every second day. I may fine tune a few pages, wait for the search engine to come along and then run a ranking scan to see if my good work has been rewarded.

I would not recommend this software if I didn't like it. I love it! And best of all you can use it too and it's free. If you do decide to buy it, hold onto your hats, your in for something very special. This program has helped me takes 16 sites from total nothing to now ranking in the top 30 for over 400 keywords and keyword phrases.

If your website just isn't doing it for you, don't give up, give WebCeo try and I'm sure you will never look back.

Steve Szasz
CEO WebSeo