Google Website Load Speed Alert!

Well it’s official, Google has included your websites load speed to determine your ranking. Simply put, if your website loads slowly, your rankings will be low. So that leads to a very important question, ‘how do I speed up my websites loading time”? The answer is easy! Get rid of all the junk and cleanup the necessities like style sheets, images and javascripts.

Rev-up your website load speed or die

Google’s new search algorithm update, called Caffeine has been around since January 2010 and depending on what type of website your own, there are many ways of instantly revving up your websites loading speed. Here are afew I use to speed up my site.

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3 Deadly Link Building Mistakes

Seo link building is a the forefront of current site optimization strategies and is very effective. The dead simple fact is that having relevant backlinks to your site will not only help you secure higher search engine position but also give you a higher page rank. What does this mean to you? Your reward is more traffic and sales. Since backlinks make up the majority of your Google ranking, link building has become a vast subject with various branches of its own. If you listen to credible people you would soon learn that most of the link building techniques do not work. First of all, there is absolutely no need to mass submit your site all across the web.

Some of the resulting links can work against your site. The most important rule of SEO link building is to keep it natural. The search engines dislike irrelevant backlinks and always find them when analyzing and calculating your site’s placement, so; the most effective thing to do is give it what it wants. Building natural and relevant links will result in higher rankings that actually lasts. Doing the whole process manually can become a headache and tricky at times. The majority of people don’t treat link building seriously and add their url’s too as many sites as possible without considering the consequences or relevancy to their own site. That is a quick way to get “slapped” by the search engines.

You can find out some of the techniques to avoid in the following paragraphs.

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Backlinks are what gives your site its authority and must not be taken lightly if your plan is to build a real business that keeps earning for you nonstop. Most people’s idea of linkbuilding is scouring the web looking for any and everyplace to add a link to. You may get away with your spam tactics for a short time but once caught your site will be de-indexed and your work just went down the drain. Building backlinks is not just about the number of links and you discover it firsthand if that’s all you focus on. In fact, you won’t gain any ranking and will lose some in the end.

What ever you do, never place a link on your site that goes to another with a poor reputation.

When Google sees these links on your site they automatically assume that you are endorsing them and whatever they are doing that gave them a bad reputation. Keeping a close eye on your site’s outbound links will save your reputation in the eyes of Google.

When your site becomes more popular and gets higher rankings in the search engines; you will be made offers to place links on your site: if the site is ethical and reputable then go ahead but if they are unethical then don’t take the offer under any circumstances.

A new course is causing quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community and you can find more information about it at this Dosha Intensive Program.

Also, PageRank (PR) is for individual pages and not an entire site. So if the homepage of a site has a PR 5 and a new page gets added to the site, it will have a Pagerank of 0. So always know the PR of the particular page where you’re linking from, whether it’s a directory, forum or a social media site, this applies everywhere. Building links that put you ahead of the competition takes patience but the results are worth it. A little patience and concentrating on quality links will make your site a powerhouse on the first page.

Choosing a Good Domain Name

It’s all about selecting the right domain  name

A critical element if you want to build an online business is choosing a good domain name. Regardless of whether your web enterprize is connected to physical goods, services, or even selling ebooks you must get this right – choosing a good domain name.

It is certainly not getting any easier to purchase really good domain names that are still available. So what is it that makes a good domain name?

Top Level Domains

If your business is in USA or if your web site is targeting a global audience then it is best to use .com as your top-level domain. Generally .net and .org domain names are not perceived as being as professional as .com domain names . If however you are aiming for a local audience in a different country, for example in Britain or Australia , then using the local .com domain such as or may make it easier for visitors to recognize that your site is local.

Short Name

Although domain names can be up to 67 characters, your domain name should be shorter, preferably 7 characters or less. Shorter domain names are easier to remember , easier to type and less likely to be entered incorrectly . Domain names with 7-8 characters and less are harder to come by nowadays , so you might need to settle for a domain name that is a little longer.

A Domain That is Keyword Optimized

Your domain name ought to contain popular keywords closely related to your online business . This will help your site to rank high in the natural rankings of search engines.

Hyphenated Domains

If you are having trouble getting the name you want , consider a hyphenated domain name, e.g. However the downside of this approach is that some people will forget the hyphen when typing your domain name.

What Does it Sound Like?

If you say your domain over the telephone can someone easily spell it correctly on the first try?

Don’t Ignore Trademarks

Be very sure that your domain name is free of any legal conflicts due to trademarks owned by other businesses. That would includes names like and . Stay away from other companies’ names and trademarks .

Keep these things in mind when you choose your next domain name. Your next mission should be to build a strong mailing list of customers and potential customers.