When You Know What’s Wrong You Can Fix It.

Because of a monitoring service I use I was able to fix a small problem on one of my most popular pages. I didn’t realise that people visiting my “How to Add Your URL To MSN/Bing” webpage were having issue with the Add URL Form. The form was an image, not a form and visitors were trying to use the form as if it was the same one on the MSN Bing add url webpage.

I could actually watch them via video getting absolutely frustrated because they could get the form to work. HELLO! it’s an image!

The video I was watching immediately made me open up Photoshop and change the image so that visitors could see it was only and image. I then added some text to the image and made it a hyperlink to MSN Bing Submit URL page. Now any visitor visiting that page will see immediately that it’s only an image and if they want to Submit their website to MSN or Bing, they need to click the hyperlink.

Strange isn’t it? The image looked like a submission form from MSN and visitors were trying to use it. I didn’t think when I first made the page that this would be a problem, but by viewing the video I could see people were having problems and I was able to fix it. Because if I didn’t know about it and hadn’t fixed the problem, visitors would have left my site and never came back. Now I have the problem fixed and people will come back because I had been able to fix the problem.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the ability of watch short videos of visitors interacting with my website. I simply clicked a video link and watch the mouse movements of a visitor. When I could see that each visitor was clicking on the image thinking it was a form, I knew I had a problem and it could be fixed.

Earlier I said I use a website monitoring service. Brad Callen is a well known Internet Marketing Guru, come programmer. About 6 months ago he asked me to tryout a new product of his called Visitor Spy.  It’s not just an analystics programme, it actually allow me to monitor what people do on my website. I can then make changes to make their experience better, or in the case above, fix a problem.

Visitor Spy has been monitoring WebSeo for about 6 months. In that time I have fixed 12 problems and was able to fine tune another 32 pages making my visitors experience of my website much more positive and fun.

Now I have to say, the version of Visitor Spy I use costs me a few $$ a month. $47 a month infact, but to me it’s worth every cent. You may not need the version I have nor may you want to spend that sort of money. You can get it for nothing, that’s how I first started using it. I tried the free version and then upgraded to the Platinum version.

The free version of VisitorSpy will suit most people who just want to monitor one website and don’t want all the Pro attributes. Even the Free version allows you to watch videos of the visitors to your website. That alone is worth getting your site monitored by Visitor Spy.

I have to be honest, if you decide to tryout Visitor Spy I do earn a few $$. Not enough to send my kids to Uni, but a few bucks none the less. But I promise, you will love Visitor Spy. You have nothing to lose and the ability to actually watch what visitors do on your website is fantastic.

If you want to see the page I spoke about earlier and the way I fixed the problem, head over to: Add URL to Bing

If you want to have a closer look at Visitor Spy head over to: Visitor Spy Web Analytics