These Internet Marketing Mistakes May Be Costing You Money

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Each year, every day – thousands of people decide to jump into the online business game. They read on some site how easy it is to make obscene amounts of money in very little time. The reason people get sucked into Internet marketing and not make anything out of it is because they are waiting for that one big secret instead of taking action. They subscribe to every newsletter, grab every report, and join every email list in the hope they start making some real cash; but this where the problem lies. There are literally hundreds of thousands who do make excellent online incomes, there are no shortcuts to success. If it was possible to make millions very quickly and easily, we would all be millionaires. The harsh reality is realizing a very good income requires sincere effort and work. So today is your day. We’ll be talking more about common marketing mistakes often seen with new online marketers, and how you can avoid making them.

A frequent problem that many new internet marketers have is that they are simply too greedy. Expecting to make thousands of dollars right away without much effort is a recipe for disaster. If you start off thinking that you’ve found the secret to getting rich without working, you’re in for a rude awakening. The fact is, there is no such thing as instant riches without work, not even online. Being online does not exempt you from the truth that achieving any worthwhile goal demands some hard work on your part.

Yes, you sure can strike it rich on the Internet, but it takes time and effort, and you have to do it without falling into the greed trap. You can find slick sales letters that will sell you a “secret method” for quick riches; many people, after buying many such courses, end up quitting when they find out that it’s not that easy. If you keep buying new courses you will only be throwing away your money; every real internet marketing strategy takes time and effort before it brings results.

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Another pitfall that’s easy to make when starting out with internet marketing –information overload that comes from getting on lots of internet marketing email lists and getting lots of conflicting information. Getting too many different ideas at one time can result in confusion and paralysis. Then you end up with an inbox filled to capacity, with thousands of great plans and systems for making money. This kind of information overload puts the brain under too much stress, and often leads to inaction.

There is a simple way to get this problem under control; unsubscribe from most of these lists and only stay on one or two that have ideas you think you’ll really take action on. The key to success here is to concentrate on taking action. The more action you take, the more confident you’ll get about this business. Everyone fails some of the time; the trick is to persevere until you finally succeed.

People who fail at internet marketing are those who quit too soon; simply make up your mind that this is a game you are going to win. Just keep the above mistakes in your mind and make sure you don’t make them. Just remain alert and it will be easy to avoid them.

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Thesis WordPress SEO Theme

The Thesis Theme from Chris Pearson and DIYthemesDuring a recent survey I ran on WebSeo it was very clear that a lot of you wanted me to use a simple theme. No more heaps of wizz and bang. I must say I was thrown by the results. From over 500 completed surveys, it was clear that 73% wanted easy to read content and less ads.

Well I listened and went searching for a theme that:

  1. Was simplistic but still looked good
  2. Gave me more than one way to search engine optimize it.
  3. Gave me heaps of flexibility to modify the look and feel

Well I found 2 themes. The first one was one of my own.  Search Engine Optimized WordPress theme is a simple theme I developed a few months back and has been downloaded 667 times. I love this theme, but it didn’t give me the flexibility I wanted. I kept searching.

I had read a couple of posts at Digital Point Forums about Search Engine Optimized themes and from the 30 replies, 18 said that the best SEO theme on the market was Thesis. So I checked it out.

Thesis is a new WordPress theme developed by Chris Pearson in 2008.  This is what Chris said when asked about Thesis.

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Free SEO Optimized WordPress Theme

This is the 5th WordPress Theme I have developed. It has been search engine optimized as best I can, including vital plugins and using the latest version of the WordPress Content Management System.

You can download this theme free by clicking the Download Theme button in the righthand sidebar. Upload to your WordPress themes folder and activate through the Appearance/Editor link in the Dashboard. There are minor tweeks which are included in the SEO Plus WordPress Theme folder.

Some of the optimization completed in this Free WordPress Theme includes:

  • Added All In One SEO Pack Plugin.
  • Sitemap Generator Plugin.
  • Optimized the original WordPress Title.
  • Feedburner RSS Subscribe Plugin.
  • Google XML Sitemap Generator Plugin.
  • Social Bookmarking Plugin.
  • Google Analystics

I hope you enjoy it. Here is the link to the demo site. You will find the Download Link in the sidebar.

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