Free SEO Report Card for Small Businesses

Everyone loves a freebie! Especially when it something that you can profits from.

My mates over at DIYSEO are now offering free of charge a  SEO report card on the search engine friendliness of your website. This service is normally a paid part of their full service, but now they are giving it away for nicks.

I suppose it’s not because they are generous souls and only want to help other website owners. I’m sure this is a marketing strategy to attract new clients. However, it’s still a pretty good offer. Oh yeh! The DIYSEO people are good people, just thought you needed to know.

When I got the original email, I headed over to the DIY Blog to check it out for myself. If I had gone to the salespage all I would have got was sales speel. But at least at the Blog I will get the sales speel with Comments 🙂 Here is some of what they say on their SEO Blog:

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Google Instant Longtail Keyowrd Search Results

One of the most exciting changes over at Google headquarters is the inclusion of Google Instant Search results. Now instead of Google suggesting results based on your initial keywords, Google will introduce a system where they will show you search results as you type.

Known as Google Instant, this new method of showing search results changes the way SEO is done. Think of it as a longtail keyword generator. As you type a keyword, Google will show you results based on what you are typing.

Let’s look at me searching for a car rental company in my area.

Below what I am typing, Google is displaying it’s results. I originally was looking for a car rental company in my hometown of Adelaide.

google instant search results

Look at all those tasty longtail keywords! These results are based on the number of times a search term has been searched for, so you will know what longtail keywords you should be tartgeting.

I’m not sure if Google Instant keyword results are available in Australia yet as Google is rolling it out over all the data centres.

Any and all comments are ecouraged… so don’t be shy. Let us all know what you think about the Google Instant search results and if you have got some Gold lingtail keywords by using it.

Quickest Article Writing Tool On The Internet

One of the most powerful tools I use to get fantastic quality backlink to my websites are article I wrote myself. i would write about 5 articles a month and then submit them to 5 major article directories (and ezinearticles is not one of them).

No one likes sitting sometimes for up to 4 hours trying to write an article that not only unique but must make sense and other webmasters must like it enough to add it to their websites. Well, your friend and mine Jonathan Leger has just released another tool that will make article writing a pleasure and a brand new unique, make sense article can be written in less than 5 minutes. Here’s what Jon says about his new tool called ‘Instant Article Factory‘.

Crank Out High Quality Articles In Under 5 Minutes With This Article Writing Power Tool!

Click on image to see the video of Instant Article Factory in action

Just look at what Instant Article Factory can do!

  • Write quality articles in 5 minutes or less on virtually any subject.
  • Remove writers block by leading you all the way through the article’s creation.
  • Remove the boring, tedius parts of article writing — because the “filler” is already there for you.
  • Save you money — you won’t need to hire people to write for you anymore!
  • Write once, reload the article, and with a few tweaks you’ve got another piece of unique content in seconds.
  • 17 built-in templates make it easy to write a variety of articles for any subject.
  • Create your own custom templates with the built-in Template Builder.
  • Use templates other users have created and shared.
  • The templates are regularly rewritten from scratch to ensure unique content continues despite a large user base.

So what are you waiting for! Check out Instant Article Factory for yourself here: Quickest Article Writing Tool