High Ranking Content Ideas

UPDATE 6/1/2009: The guy I am talking about further down the article is Jonathan Leger. We all know that Jon comes up with surprises all the time and this one is no different.

Have a look for yourself it’s called Answer Analyst.

I was so excited when I found this well hidden tool, but I will give you a bit of history as to why I wanted this info in the first place.

I write about 5 unique articles a week for a variety of my websites. I try not to use articles that are used on other websites (sometimes hard to do) and put pen to paper regularly. However, coming up with the topics I know will be popular is the hardest part of article research.

What questions are people asking? How can I find these popular questions?

One way is to go to Yahoo Answers and do a search using a primary keyword and then look to see how popular the questions are and then also look at how many answers have been submitted. But, what should I put in the search box in the first place?

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