Google Instant Longtail Keyowrd Search Results

One of the most exciting changes over at Google headquarters is the inclusion of Google Instant Search results. Now instead of Google suggesting results based on your initial keywords, Google will introduce a system where they will show you search results as you type.

Known as Google Instant, this new method of showing search results changes the way SEO is done. Think of it as a longtail keyword generator. As you type a keyword, Google will show you results based on what you are typing.

Let’s look at me searching for a car rental company in my area.

Below what I am typing, Google is displaying it’s results. I originally was looking for a car rental company in my hometown of Adelaide.

google instant search results

Look at all those tasty longtail keywords! These results are based on the number of times a search term has been searched for, so you will know what longtail keywords you should be tartgeting.

I’m not sure if Google Instant keyword results are available in Australia yet as Google is rolling it out over all the data centres.

Any and all comments are ecouraged… so don’t be shy. Let us all know what you think about the Google Instant search results and if you have got some Gold lingtail keywords by using it.

Google Keyword Generator Tool | Peter Drew

Keywords are the Holy Grail of SEO and if you have the right ones and you rank highly for them, you will become rich, very ,very rich.

I have been sprooking keyword research for longer than I care the remember and I swear the above statement is true.

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about a handy little tool called GoogleSuggestor. This little tool is powerful, free and easy to use. The only limitation is that it’s not niche specific and in SEO finding low competition niche keywords is Gold.

A fellow Australian and generally good guy, Peter Drew (of Bruteforce SEO fame) has just released a new product called the Google Keyword Generator Tool and this tool spews out up to 5000 niche specific keywords a day.

Here’s what Peter says about his new keyword research tool:

“With a push of a button you can unearth hundreds of hot, relevant keywords and proven buying niches that will target your markets with laser accuracy. And send hordes of qualified buying traffic right to your door!” Peter Drew said.

From what I can tell from the Google Keyword Generator Tool salespage, for as little as $19 a month you are able to use this tool and research very specific niches, evaluating which ones are gems and then generating 1000’s of keywords to suit that niche.

As a keyword nut, I love keyword research. I have been known to sit down for 6 hours straight, with a large list of keywords, researching and collecting as much information as I can about a niche. Then after qualifying which niches will earn me the most, I build a site and start playing.

Playing the SEO game. And keyword research is the best fun you can have with your pants on and I am sure that Pete’s Google Keyword Generator Tool will help me and you (if your game) build a very comprehensive list of keywords.

I was once told that for each keyword your can rank on page one in Google for, you could possibly earn as much as $40 per day. Just imagine that you had 100’s of page one keywords, all pumping $40 into your bank accounts. Food for thought isn’t it?

With a push of a button you can unearth hundreds of hot, relevant keywords and proven buying niches that will target your markets with laser accuracy. And send hordes of qualified buying traffic right to your door! Take up the Special Offer of a 5 day trial for $1

This free keyword research tool is a little gem.

Sometimes while I am doing my keyword research, I come across tools and scripts that claim to be the easiest and best. Some cost you a few dollars. Keyword Elite is a tool I use all the time in my keyword research. However sometimes I want a simple tool that just gives me what I want at the time.

Yesterday I was writing the content for a salespage for Google Split Tester and while looking around “My Computer” I found a freebie keyword software I had forgotten about. The software is called Google Suggestor and for the life of me, I am not sure how I got my hands on it or were. I know I got it for free, it was in my “Freebie Folder”.

Google Suggestor, is a very simple program that uses Google to find keywords related to your search. What I love about this program is the ability to research Google using the search results you have already recieved. So if you recieved 100 keywords in your first search, hit the “Suggest Button” again and you will have an expanded list of keywords. Click the “Suggest Button” again and the list grows even more.

Check out these screen captures:

This is the main interface. Type in the keyword you are researching and then click the “Suggest Button” on the righthand side. Normally this will only take a few seconds.


After you have completed the first search browse the results and delete any keywords that are not useful, then click the “Suggest Button” again. You can keep doing this technique until you have a large list of targeted keywords.

Something I only just discoverd is that the results from Googlesuggestor are very accurate. I recon out of the 500 keywords I searched “split test adsense” for, I only had to delete 11 keywords. Most of the keywords were spot on.

Also, I found 13 very targeted 5 word keywords. As you would already know, I am into longtail keywords and I have just found 13 fantastic ones. So if you are like me give Googlesuggestor for your longtail keyword research.

You can download this fantastic tool here: Download Googlesuggestor