Longtail Buyer Keywords Generator

I have to be honest, ranking on Page One for a broad keyword phrase is almost impossible these days. Unlike way back when the Internet was young, nowadays to rank even on page one of Google for a Broad keyword phrase is something only a few of us ever achieve. And why would you want to rank highly for a Broad keyword anyway.

Broad keywords attract browsers. People who are not interested in buying anything. These people are basically looking for research material and I for one try to discourage them from visiting my websites. I want to make money from my sites and I try to provide the sorts of information buyer’s want.

I have been doing this Website Marketing thing for more years than I like to remember and in the beginning, I was like most website owners. I wanted a position one for popular keywords and I read everything I could and tried everything available to achieve this. But after reasonable results, I learnt that even with high-ranking Broad keywords, I wasn’t making any money. All my hard earned visitors were coming to my sites and then leaving to buy from other less optimised website.

I finally worked out what I was doing. I was more interested in the fame and glory of being able to rank at #1 for a Broad keyword phrase and I was getting frustrated, because I couldn’t let go of this. That was until I came across an article written by a then well known Internet Marketer. I won’t mention his name, but he wrote that many webmasters had made the same mistake I had.

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