10 Top .gov Websites You Can Get a Backlink on.

Welcome loyal WebSeo subscriber. Below are 10 .gov websites I have personally tested for backlink availability. Not all are dofollow, but even the nofollow ones are going to send you heaps of traffic and I personally think the idea that Google will not index a nofollow link in bull anyway. I have scored heaps of links that were nofollow.

Okay, here are the 10 links and please be a very responsible webmaster. Read at least the first paragraph of the post you are going to leave a comment on. Leave a comment that will contribute to the post or elae your comment will not be approved. Here is an example of a comment I left this morning.

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“In my opinion, it is simply a website packed with totally old statistics. There is no country based info at all.” (I copied a comment I knew I could repond to)  (I then added something quite generic as my answer) Well they may be old but they couln’t have changed that much since being published.

Because I am contributing to the conversation the webmaster is more likely to approve my comment.

10 top .gov websites you can get a backlink on.

  1. http://www.dhs.gov/journal/leadership/
  2. http://www.rib.uscourts.gov/externalkb20/KnowledgebaseArticle10142.aspx
  3. http://skyview.gsfc.nasa.gov/blog/
  4. http://blog.gallegly.house.gov/
  5. http://www.volunteerlouisiana.gov/blog/
  6. http://www.tsa.gov/blog/
  7. http://blog.pittsburghsummit.gov/index.php/site/index/
  8. http://libraries.idaho.gov/blogs/anne-abrams
  9. http://www.arts.gov/bigreadblog/
  10. http://library.blogs.delaware.gov/

If you have found more .gov sites we can get a backlink on either leave a comment or send me an email. Also I have another post with some .gov and .edu websites.

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36 thoughts on “10 Top .gov Websites You Can Get a Backlink on.”

  1. well NOW I’m going to go through and delete the comments from my website that is on your list! If you’re not sending traffic to me, why should I sent it to you?

  2. I know that everyone has to make a buck, but I’m trying to keep the commenting on my website “on-point” and genuinely relevant! In any case, while it’s not the case for my site, many government sites are under continuous pressure regarding control of commenting, so the discovery of this type of use gives ammunition to people in authority who are doubtful/fearful of social media and inclined to controlling content and access.

  3. Richard I think you are missing the point. Unless the comment is contributing to the conversation on the .gov website the webmaster will not approve it and if they do approve your comment, you get a great backlink for your trouble.

    I have said all along, unless you have something valid to say, don’t SPAM. You only need a couple of good .gov websites to benefit.

  4. What if you are allowed to reply to a comment that is posted? Would you suggest that, or still the copy and paste? I would think that they might pay more attention to the post if it was an actual reply, so you couldn’t be as generic. (haven’t looked at the list yet, but I’ve seen some comment sections that allow replies and was curious)

    Thanks for the list!!

  5. now, that’s what i call a great free .gov list.. but the problem is you can’t spam these ones 😀 you have to write good comments and that’s a problem 😀 i’m kidding… anyway, thanks for the list

  6. Everyone is telling me that, yet I didn’t have too many problems. I will be adding a heap more links shortly for everyone to enjoy 🙂


  7. Hi Bob
    Sometime commenters leave comments like yours just to piss me off. I visted the links you commented about and sure enough not all of them were there. The ones that were, I could add a coment on without too much trouble.

    Instead of just saying “all crap”, how about sending me an email and tell me what ones you had trouble with. That way, no one gets upset and I probably would have sent you my exclusive list of .gov sites for saying thankyou. You could profit by being nice 🙂


  8. Yes it is very helpful to get a .gov backlink. It is also helpful to get a .edu backlink. I try to get at least 4 x .gov backlinks and 6x .edu backlinks to each of my websites.

  9. I’m glad I found these links. I hope you posts some more. And I’ll try my best to be a reasonable webmaster and not spam 😉

  10. Thanks a lot admin. As I suppose 4 x gov links and 6 x .edu is optimal for your website. In other case we should do this same or try to get maximum possible.

    Can you give me an address (some links) to website where I can add my links with content. For example webdirecory. I would be helpful for me.

    also you can send me an email.

    Thank You for you help.

  11. What website do you want the backlink on? Normally, you would make an approach to the webmaster first. Don’t offer to give them a backlink on the same website you want the backlink for. If you have a second quality website, offer to place a link on that. Its called 3 way links. A links to C, C links to D and D links to A.

  12. I have given my readers more than enough quality websites to get backlinks on. Have a search through my website and you will find heaps of backlinks.

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