Rank Your Site On Google.

Please use this fantastic tool to find out were your Domain is ranked on the Google Search Engine using a keyword phrase related to your website. After the Keyword Search is complete, this tool will display it’s results lower on the page.

If you want to be able to search for multiple results, using multiple keyword phrases, use the software I use. You can download a Free version of the SEO software I use here

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Adding Your Webpages to MSN

MSN and ninemsn are a growing search engine force on the internet and serious traffic can be obtained by being well listed in both their search results. An article on how best to optimize your website for MSN submission : “Go Here”. Just like Google and Yahoo, MSN and ninemsn are still free to submit your website to.

  1. Your website must be in English.
  2. Your site cannot contain pornography, pornographic or adult advertising, gratuitous or graphic violence, material that infringes on or violates someone’s rights, or material that promotes/disseminates illegal activities.
  3. To be considered for inclusion in the Inktomi Search Index, powering the MSN Web Pages section:
  4. Your site cannot mirror or redirect to another Web site.

MSN and ninemsn website submission guidelines.

There are no guarantees on acceptance or turnaround time for your free MSN/ninemsn submission. To be included in MSN search results you need to submit at the MSN website Add url to MSN Search Here and you will be presented with a form like the one below.