94 thoughts on “Approved DoFollow .GOV/.EDU Backlinks”

  1. Thanks for giving information. actually, i’m looking for gov and edu blog right now… really confuse actually but, it’s ok, i’ll keep on searching on it. 馃榾

  2. Thanks for your great info. This can enhance google search for your site. I hope a few webmaster make such backlinks. Because it is spam otherwise

  3. Linda, you may need to register for an account first. If you have no success there are many other links you can submit to. I plan to release my own personal list in the next few weeks, but it will only be available to my subscribers and it will cost $10.

    Linda do a search on my site and I am sure you will find many opportunities to find fantastic backlinks on both .gov websites and .edu sites.


  4. Vancouver, it will be a sizable list. There will be no samples of links. If i give you the samples you will just take my links and that’s not the right thing to do. If you don’t like the links, get a refund. Easy as that. But if all you want is freebies, you will find heaps on this website.

  5. Thank you Sankalp for your kind words. I hope I can continue to provide you with quality information. If there is anything you would like more information on, please leave another comment.


  6. Steve,

    I have a question for you. Is it true that now google and maybe the other search engines don’t put so much weight on the forum links? especially those from signatures. this is one reason why i didn’t bother till now to post on forums. looking forward for your answer


  7. Tym, I agree and it stands to reason while Google is at war with spammers. Forum signatures (to Google) do not provide the user with direct usefull information and the Google guys and girls are very smart people. They know signatures are the prime area for spammers.


  8. Hi Hosting4bd

    No you will not become a spammer if you get listed on a .gov website. However this may not be the case if you plainly spam the site by leaving a spammy comment. Always contribute to the post by leaving a good comment.


  9. The way things are going nothing is going to get away from the Spammers. Backlink Spammers have made it almost impossible to get good quality backlinks. However with that said every backlink helps, some more than others.

  10. Amanda, I am in the process of making a unique search engine you can use to find those .gov and .edu website… and yes I am making it so that we aussues can search for .gov.au websites as well.


  11. Hi Ben 10, I will do better than that. I am building a search facility that will make searching for .gov and .edu sites a whole lot easier. Come back again to check this facility out.


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