New SEO Messageboard Added to Webseo

Webseo has become so popular this year, I am unable to keep up with all the chit chat and email sent to me, so I have decided to add a SEO Messageboard and you can now us it.

I have played around with messageboards on Webseo in the past with little success. In the beginnings of a new messageboard, people are leaving questions and others are answering them, but eventually the chit chat between members stops, leaving a messageboard with very little activity.

But, I have decided to add a messageboard, to give a chance to everyone to become involved with the website. My new Webseo Messageboard will cater for webmasters who either want to asks questions about website marketing and those that love sharing their experiences and I am going to be adding some high quality resources and tips, so that alone is enough to get involved.

From what I have been told, visitors that have already regitered to my blog should be able to use the same login details to the messageboard, but just like everything internet, I can’t promise it ๐Ÿ™‚

Webseo Customer Alert! Search Engine Optimization Message Board has just been added Here

At the moment, the categories I have added include Search Engine Optimization ideas. I forum for optimization questions for Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing. Over time at the request of registered users I will be added more categories.

So one and all, it’s up to you for my messageboard to work. Keep commenting on my blog, but now there is a way to communicate directly with me and other registered users. Use the messageboard, don’t be a stranger and please, please don’t just sit there waiting for someone else to make the first post.

Webseo Customer Alert! Search Engine Optimization Message Board has just been added Here

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10 thoughts on “New SEO Messageboard Added to Webseo”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I’d like to pick your brains if I may: I have a new website (set up in July 2009) which is listed about No 3 in Bing and 4 in Yahoo for one of it’s main search terms, but nowhere yet in Google for the major search terms like camping France, even though there are plenty of lesser keywords being well placed in Google. The site also has masses of other excellent search terms just as high and higher in both Bing and Yahoo.

    My question is: What do I have to do to get decent Google placements like the ones in the other two SE’s?

  2. Hi Arthur, can you send us the url of the website. It would be great to check the site out first. Sometimes MSN/Bing will index a site quicker than Google if something is amiss on the website.

  3. Hi again Steve, but while I’m at it may I ask another question please?

    This site was set up in July 2009 and has amazing Bing/Yahoo placements. Could that be partly/fully down to the fact that I have Altavista Babelfish on the site as I understand BBlFish is owned by Yahoo?

    Is it possible that Google is supressing placements and also PR because of Babelfish? The site has a homepage PR1 but quite a few inners are PR2. Homepage should be PR3 by rights as there are several PR4’s going into it.

    If Google is supressing placements then I really don’t know which way to go with it. mOver to you mate

  4. Arthur you never heard this from me, but some people do beleive that Google will penalise you if you have anything (applications, scripts) provided by Yahoo. So you may be right when you suggested that Babelfish may be the cause of your Google problems.

    Something I would be doing is going to Google Webmaster tools and read their optimization guidelines. Does your website meet with their guidelines? Also what platform are you using to develop your website? I have heard that Google will penalise you if you use Frontpage to design your website, but the person who told me that has no credibility, but its worth checking.

  5. Arthur I have made a few enquiries and they tell me that maybe it could be a sitemap problem. Make sure you have a sitemap for MSN/Bing and then make sure you go to Google Webmaster Tools and submit a Google friendly xml sitemap there as well.

  6. Hi Steve,

    Happy New year mate. I’ve left it some weeks before coming back to you about the camping France issue between Bing, Yahoo and Google because I just wanted to see what happened when I had removed Altavista Babelfish web page translator from the site and added Google’s own.

    Some weeks have passed since I did that and the site has been indexed several times since then. There has been little to no advancement in Google placements for the main keywords, but by the same token Bing has not penalised the site for having a Google translator on every page. In fact it is at No 2 in Bing now for camping France but has dropped down to 5 in Yahoo.

    What does all this prove? Dunno really, apart from the fact that we now know that Bing is not vindictive, and that matters quite a bit if it is going to power Yahoo as well in the very near future.

    Thanks for your comment about the site map and I’ll speak to my techy chap about that asap.

  7. @Arthur, looks like your site is doing good on google now. did you figure out what was the problem? can you tell us? in my opinion, i don’t think babelfish was the problem, but you must know better. it would be nice to hear from you


  8. Hello everyone and thanks to all of you who have responded to my initial question and made constructive comments.

    In hindsight I don’t think there was a problem with Babelfish after all – in fact I don’t think there was a problem full stop, more that Google was being slow on the uptake, but that was solved when I got some decent links in and things have gone from good to excellent in the meantime.

    One thing I would seriously recommend to anyone setting up a new site. Forget the length of the domain but go for something with your strongest keyword in it. My site is now at No 3 for camping france and camping in france, both of which are very competitive terms, and there is no way it would have got there if those words were not in the domain.

  9. i couldn’t agree more with you. i posted a comment to the other post telling how important is the exactly matching of the keywords and the domain name. really, if you want to create a brand, that good for you. eventually you can buy 2 domains and try to optimize the keyword-named domain and the short and brandable domain can 301 redirect to the other domain. so you can still put your short domain on business cards ๐Ÿ˜€


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