3 Deadly Link Building Mistakes

Seo link building is a the forefront of current site optimization strategies and is very effective. The dead simple fact is that having relevant backlinks to your site will not only help you secure higher search engine position but also give you a higher page rank. What does this mean to you? Your reward is more traffic and sales. Since backlinks make up the majority of your Google ranking, link building has become a vast subject with various branches of its own. If you listen to credible people you would soon learn that most of the link building techniques do not work. First of all, there is absolutely no need to mass submit your site all across the web.

Some of the resulting links can work against your site. The most important rule of SEO link building is to keep it natural. The search engines dislike irrelevant backlinks and always find them when analyzing and calculating your site’s placement, so; the most effective thing to do is give it what it wants. Building natural and relevant links will result in higher rankings that actually lasts. Doing the whole process manually can become a headache and tricky at times. The majority of people don’t treat link building seriously and add their url’s too as many sites as possible without considering the consequences or relevancy to their own site. That is a quick way to get “slapped” by the search engines.

You can find out some of the techniques to avoid in the following paragraphs.

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Backlinks are what gives your site its authority and must not be taken lightly if your plan is to build a real business that keeps earning for you nonstop. Most people’s idea of linkbuilding is scouring the web looking for any and everyplace to add a link to. You may get away with your spam tactics for a short time but once caught your site will be de-indexed and your work just went down the drain. Building backlinks is not just about the number of links and you discover it firsthand if that’s all you focus on. In fact, you won’t gain any ranking and will lose some in the end.

What ever you do, never place a link on your site that goes to another with a poor reputation.

When Google sees these links on your site they automatically assume that you are endorsing them and whatever they are doing that gave them a bad reputation. Keeping a close eye on your site’s outbound links will save your reputation in the eyes of Google.

When your site becomes more popular and gets higher rankings in the search engines; you will be made offers to place links on your site: if the site is ethical and reputable then go ahead but if they are unethical then don’t take the offer under any circumstances.

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Also, PageRank (PR) is for individual pages and not an entire site. So if the homepage of a site has a PR 5 and a new page gets added to the site, it will have a Pagerank of 0. So always know the PR of the particular page where you’re linking from, whether it’s a directory, forum or a social media site, this applies everywhere. Building links that put you ahead of the competition takes patience but the results are worth it. A little patience and concentrating on quality links will make your site a powerhouse on the first page.

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12 thoughts on “3 Deadly Link Building Mistakes”

  1. Ive had umpteen requests for links on my site and a ”seo” guy offered to re design it for nothing in return for a link at the bottom of the page, seemed like a good offer but Im not so sure about it. One site I have has no links and does quite well – I think too many get hung up on link building madness and some on buiding sites of there own to link back to there site – google will spot this and you will be penilised.

  2. @van man you’ll need a lot of links if you are in a competitive domain. your site maybe is doing well because there isn’t such a big competition, but in most cases, you’ll need a lot of backlinks

  3. Just wondering, you mention “never place a link on your site that goes to another with a poor reputation”.

    What exactly would be a site with poor repuation? Would that be malware sites, porn, torrents? Or something else?

    Now in the case of blog sites where people leave dofollow comments (like this site), if people were to start commenting and linking to sites with a poor reputation, would that seriously hurt your ranking?

    How do you as a webmaster deal with this?

  4. I’ve learned it’s known … so I do not know a lot of issues about the site .. I hope this post can add to my learning … thanks … and I will try and keep learning to improve my web pagerange

  5. Hamilton, by Poor reputation I mean sites like Adsense sites, websites that have only one purpose “Selling Affiliate Programs”. Plus sites that are basically a link farm or scraping site.

    In my case, yes it does hurt, but I can’t do much about it apart from doing some minor monitoring of the comments. Webmasters who try and put a link back to a less reputable website than this one will be picked up when I manually approve the comments. After a while you get to know what sites are good and what sites are rubbish. And most rubbish website owners go go into submitting good quality comments. Hope that helps?


  6. Hello everyone
    every 5 years or so a new madness comes up………a few years back it was the seo optimization…..and all the weird ways they found out to trick the search engines…
    Nowdays is the link exchanging madness and the headache it gives you so your website or web log gets a decent amount of traffic ……..
    After a couple of years they will find another way to make our lives miserable

  7. So true Jack! All the gurus will tell you, you need this to get great results and then they say you need something else to get great results. All they are trying to do is get sales for their products and people like us believe them and buy their products. I learnt a longtime ago that if you have good content and lots of backlinks, you will get fantastic results. All I do is write good content and chase down good backlinks. Article writing is my top marketing engine and blog commenting comes second. Only buy products that are going to make your content gathering easier and other products to make backlinking easier, forget all the rest.


  8. As far as I know, article sites have lost some of their pagerank lately (together with directories), so the value of links from these sites more or less have lost their values – all this seen with Google-eyes. Do you agree?

  9. Jorgen, I never take too much notice of a website pagerank. As long as the site has some sort of PR and it has been indexed in Google, its a good link. The larger directories and article directories will always have authority and links will always have some sort of punch, so dont stop getting links from them.


  10. Building back links is one which requires a lot of patience and sorting through links is time consuming. I try and build links naturally, make good comments on good sites and avoid spamming. I try and focus on good content.

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