A Link Building Program Like No Other

Link building and link popularity are an important part of search engine optimization. The effort it takes to build good prime(a)links to your website will certainly earn your site a good ranking in the search engines. It is a very essential marketing tool for any website to market products and services. As you increase the number of quality links to your website, this is going to improve you rankings in the search engines. 

If you can manage to get links from popular websites, this will help your website rise to the top in the search engines. Link Building is the first strategy that webmasters go for after submitting their site details to search engines. This plays an important role in a website being popular on the web. It is also true that if a lot of websites are linking to yours, you will get lots of traffic to your site. And of course if you have more traffic you will have more money in your pocket.At least that is the general idea most people have .

There are basically 3 ways to build links, reciprocal, one way and three way links. Reciprocal building is an approach that many website owners use. You provide your link and another webmaster provides his link. This help with the popularity to both sites

Building one way links is the means you can promote your link to other sites and this is done usually through article marketing or submitting articles to article directories. This is an excellent way to get one way links and improve you search engine rank all at the same time

Your links must be used properly and should point to relevant information on your website. Make sure you links are creative and attractive rich in your keywords.

The web exists because of links. Strategic Link building is essential for an online business to grow and survive. A good strategy will bring lots of traffic to your website and also improve your ranking in the search results. Link building is always important for your site to rank well in the search engines. It is also important in increasing traffic to your site and increasing sales for your business. If done correctly you will have great results. 


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3 thoughts on “A Link Building Program Like No Other”

  1. a little question… which link building technique is better? one way link or three way links? i mean, theoretically, they should be the same, only if google finds somehow that 2 of those 3 sites are related… am i right?

  2. Groom your comment is spot on! However 3 ways links are better as each site gets more juice and yes if they are related, even better. BUT! a 3way link setup on websites owned by the same webmaster will not get as much benifit as let’s say 3 different webmasters on 3 different servers. I’m not savvy enough to know the exact in’s and out’s of why 3 way is better, but I remember Jon Leger writing about it once on his website at http://www.jonathanleger.com

    Steve Szasz

  3. Thanks for the reply, steve. i’ve heard that google also looks at the server that your site is hosted on and if on the same server are hosted “bad sites”, this will negatively influence your site. i think the same thing applies to 3 way links, or even reciprocal links. if you have 2 sites on the same server, putting a link from one to the other won’t help very much.

    I looked a little over the site you recommended and i like the articles. i’ll read them carefully, because i saw some interesting topics.


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