How To Add My Website To Google

this is the one and only right way to rank number one on google

If ever there was a Holy Grail for website owners, it would have to be a page one ranking on Google for a broad keyword phrase. Gaining a page one ranking and even better, having a page one and then showing up in position 2 is as close as you can get the the ultimate traffic generation Utopia.

Luckily I enjoy over 460 number 1 spots in Google and I can tell you that it isn’t as hard as some SEO gurus will tell you. But you have to start thinking like asearch engine.

If you were Google what would you be looking for if you were going to give a website a page one ranking?

Add Website To Google
    Add Website To Google
  1. I would want to know what the website is about without reading every single word. Optimize your page titles, h1 tags, tags and content with keywords that best describe what your page is about. This post is about “How To Add My Website To Google” and I have optimised the page title to reflect those words. I have Optimized the Post Title the same, which is actually a h1 tag. I have included those words in the meta description and I have made sure that keyword phrase is in the page Tags. If you want to also add the keyword phrase you are optimizing for in the meta keywords is up to you. Apparently they are not as important anymore, but I still add them, just incase. And of course having a sprinkling of your keyword through the content is mandatory as well.
  2. I would be looking for mentions of your webpage elsewhere on the Internet – Backlinks are so important, that even if you didn’t optimize your webpage, you still may get a favourable ranking just from the backlinks. Backlinks are hyperlinks pointing back to your website. Google loves these because it gives your website authority.Someone thinks your webpage is important enough, they have linked to your webpage. However having a backlink that is a plain hyperlink directed back to your homepage is not good enough. You need to have a backlink that not only has a hyperlink to you webpage, it also need to have you keyword phrase as well. For example here is an optimized backlink to a post I wrote on adding your website to Bing. Click on the link and see were it goes. Also just for proof that this technique actually works, click this link to see were my website is on Google for the term “adding your website to Bing” Amazing isn’t it?
  3. If I was Google I would also be looking for a theme related to your keyword – Most webmasters make a vital mistake in adding all sorts of content, some related to your keywords, but most totaly different. If your keywords are like mine ” how to add my website to Google” you need to make sure that out of the 100% of the content on your webpage, 90% are related to your keywords. 80% of webmasters have contradictory content like advertisements, big pictures and javascript codes. Ads should be kept to a minimum and pictures should be kept small with alt tags added. Javascript is usually found in the html and can take up to half the source code. You need to have those code gone replaced with a javascript include like  <script src=”js/gen1.js” langauge=”javascript”></script> By using this piece of code you have left the <head> </head> code clean all ready for Google.

Now these 3 things are just getting your webpage ready. Now there are 2 ways to submit your website to Google.

  1. Go to the Google Add Url page – this page is an easy quick way to tell Google that you now have an optimized webpage ready to submit to them. Here is the Add Url to Google page.
  2. Another affective method of reminding Google of your webpages existance is to Ping – this is the one I love using. It’s fast and it is completed by a website that Google visits 100’s of times a day.  Pingler is a website were you can add your webpage and have it send a reminder to more than 40 other websites, including all the major search engines. I use this services every time I write a new post on this website. So give Pingler a go next time you write a new post.

So there you have it. If you follow the above instructions and follow through with some great Backlinking strategies, you post will be showing up on page one of Google very soon.

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21 thoughts on “How To Add My Website To Google”

  1. Your information above are is amazing!!!
    Im glad that you take the time to share with small businesses & to help them florish using the internet as a means of being visable. I will not only take this advise myself, but with share with others .

    Thank you kindly

  2. I read all your emails that get forwarded. Most are too advanced for me but this post looks like even a technophobe like me can do it. BTW you have taught me all that I know about SEO although I do know that I probably need to get a professional in to get univeral #1 rankings. But by you alone I have got 1 third post ranking!

  3. Thankyou Johnny and Julie. I take a lot of pleasure in helping others do well online. If there is anything you would like me to write about, please let me know.

  4. People like me feel that getting a website made is our religious duty. I am confident that if we can increase our business tenfold if we take care of proper rankings on Google. I have taken the steps that you advised, and look forward to some results.

    Best Regards and God Bless !!!

  5. David I will write a post on how to use a Pinging service.

    Cate it’s not my job to add your website to Google. I can do it for you, but I will charge you money. However if you read this post it will tell you step by step how to do it.

  6. hi i am new to this !!!!!!
    i have submitted my url to google and add the sitemap.xml to sitemaps in google webmaster tooks
    I have already add the UA-XXXXXXX-X” on my webpage
    I have create account in google Analytics
    All this done about 31 Dec 2009
    Could you please let me know if I am missing or there are other task I have to do to get google search engine working?
    Thanks in advance

  7. Hello Ara
    Sorry I missed your comment. From your comment it sounds like you are doing exactly the right things. Now all you have to do is keep looking at your analystics and see what areas you are doing well in and keep doing it 🙂


  8. PB all you need to do to fid out how many of your pages have been indexed by Google is to add the site: syntax. So for example, if I wanted to know how many pages of this website have been indexed by Google I would put Then Google would give me a number of pages they have.


  9. probably one of the best ways, beside using addul and ping-in the site is to add the site to the google webmsters account and add a sitemap. then the other tips your wrote about in the article about getting index in 10.3 seconds by google are also great… anyway, nice article


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  11. Your information above are is amazing!!!
    Im glad that you take the time to share with small businesses & to help them florish using the internet as a means of being visable. I will not only take this advise myself, but with share with others .

    Thank you kindly
    Vikas Nehra

  12. Scients, what I would do straight away is start placing links on the pages that have been indexed by Google to the webpages that haven’t been indexed by Google.


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