The Bare Basic Of Buying Links

By analyzing the quantity and quality of external links to your website, Google determines whether your site is an authority on its subject matter, and thus worthy of a higher ranking in the search engine ranking
pages (or SERPs).

To gauge the link popularity of a web page, Google assigns it what they call a PageRank. The more relevant inbound links (or backlinks) you have, the higher your PageRank. The higher your PageRank, the more likely you are to achieve better rankings in the Google’s SERPs.

As a search engine optimizer looking to rank higher in the major search engines, one of your top priorities should be to focus on building backlinks.

One way to do this is by writing great content (or “link bait” as it’s known in the SEO industry) that your visitors will want to link back to on their own websites. While this is an effective SEO strategy, it can be difficult to expand your site’s readership if you’re not yet indexed in Google. And who is going to link back to your site if no one is getting there in the first place?

A properly executed link buying campaign can remedy this problem and help to give you a boost in the SERPs. There are a couple of places you can look to when you’re doing your link buying.
Buying Links From Link Brokers

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