How To Add My Website To Google

this is the one and only right way to rank number one on google

If ever there was a Holy Grail for website owners, it would have to be a page one ranking on Google for a broad keyword phrase. Gaining a page one ranking and even better, having a page one and then showing up in position 2 is as close as you can get the the ultimate traffic generation Utopia.

Luckily I enjoy over 460 number 1 spots in Google and I can tell you that it isn’t as hard as some SEO gurus will tell you. But you have to start thinking like asearch engine.

If you were Google what would you be looking for if you were going to give a website a page one ranking?

Add Website To Google
    Add Website To Google
  1. I would want to know what the website is about without reading every single word. Optimize your page titles, h1 tags, tags and content with keywords that best describe what your page is about. This post is about “How To Add My Website To Google” and I have optimised the page title to reflect those words. I have Optimized the Post Title the same, which is actually a h1 tag. I have included those words in the meta description and I have made sure that keyword phrase is in the page Tags. If you want to also add the keyword phrase you are optimizing for in the meta keywords is up to you. Apparently they are not as important anymore, but I still add them, just incase. And of course having a sprinkling of your keyword through the content is mandatory as well. Continue reading How To Add My Website To Google

Submit your Website to Google

Optimization techniques to add your website to the Google Search Engine.

Google is the Big Daddy of them all and serious traffic can be obtained by being well listed in this search engine.

Getting Google to index your website.
Method 1. Add your url to Google. This is a free and easy method, but if you don’t have other sites linking to yours then you still may not be indexed immediately.

Method 2. The second method of getting your site in Google is to let it find you on its own. This works by getting other sites that are already listed in Google to link to you. When Google revisits these sites, it will find your link and go to your site and index it. You will want to “announce” your site to others, and try to get other relevant web sites to link to you. Google “works” by following links, and finding who is linked to who. If your site gets other “Good Sites” (websites that have a reasonable Google page rank) to link to yours then you will never have to worry about having to submit, or ever having to resubmit, or being “lost” from the index. This works by getting other sites that are already listed in Google to link back to you.

Finding a link partners Google Page Rank is as easy as downloading the FREE Google Toolbar. Click the link below.

Method 3. One of the most effective methods for getting your website in the Google Index, is to have dozens, if not hundreds of one way links all pointing back to your website, all with link descriptions that contain your primary keywords.

Let me explain were Im coming from. Lets say your website is about “bush tucker” and lets also say that you are some what of an expert on “bush tucker”. And let’s also say that you can put some words together about “bush tucker”. Write an article, no longer than 500 words on any topic about bush tucker and send it out to as many websites as possible, which starve for information like yours. Chances are an article written on “bush tucker” will be added to a dozen new websites, each article containing a link back to your site, with a link containing your primary keywords. I will go into more detail here: Using articles to gather 1 way links

Adding your website to Google link: Add url Here!