Google Instant Longtail Keyowrd Search Results

One of the most exciting changes over at Google headquarters is the inclusion of Google Instant Search results. Now instead of Google suggesting results based on your initial keywords, Google will introduce a system where they will show you search results as you type.

Known as Google Instant, this new method of showing search results changes the way SEO is done. Think of it as a longtail keyword generator. As you type a keyword, Google will show you results based on what you are typing.

Let’s look at me searching for a car rental company in my area.

Below what I am typing, Google is displaying it’s results. I originally was looking for a car rental company in my hometown of Adelaide.

google instant search results

Look at all those tasty longtail keywords! These results are based on the number of times a search term has been searched for, so you will know what longtail keywords you should be tartgeting.

I’m not sure if Google Instant keyword results are available in Australia yet as Google is rolling it out over all the data centres.

Any and all comments are ecouraged… so don’t be shy. Let us all know what you think about the Google Instant search results and if you have got some Gold lingtail keywords by using it.

Longtail Buyer Keywords Generator

I have to be honest, ranking on Page One for a broad keyword phrase is almost impossible these days. Unlike way back when the Internet was young, nowadays to rank even on page one of Google for a Broad keyword phrase is something only a few of us ever achieve. And why would you want to rank highly for a Broad keyword anyway.

Broad keywords attract browsers. People who are not interested in buying anything. These people are basically looking for research material and I for one try to discourage them from visiting my websites. I want to make money from my sites and I try to provide the sorts of information buyer’s want.

I have been doing this Website Marketing thing for more years than I like to remember and in the beginning, I was like most website owners. I wanted a position one for popular keywords and I read everything I could and tried everything available to achieve this. But after reasonable results, I learnt that even with high-ranking Broad keywords, I wasn’t making any money. All my hard earned visitors were coming to my sites and then leaving to buy from other less optimised website.

I finally worked out what I was doing. I was more interested in the fame and glory of being able to rank at #1 for a Broad keyword phrase and I was getting frustrated, because I couldn’t let go of this. That was until I came across an article written by a then well known Internet Marketer. I won’t mention his name, but he wrote that many webmasters had made the same mistake I had.

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