Free SEO Report Card for Small Businesses

Everyone loves a freebie! Especially when it something that you can profits from.

My mates over at DIYSEO are now offering free of charge a  SEO report card on the search engine friendliness of your website. This service is normally a paid part of their full service, but now they are giving it away for nicks.

I suppose it’s not because they are generous souls and only want to help other website owners. I’m sure this is a marketing strategy to attract new clients. However, it’s still a pretty good offer. Oh yeh! The DIYSEO people are good people, just thought you needed to know.

When I got the original email, I headed over to the DIY Blog to check it out for myself. If I had gone to the salespage all I would have got was sales speel. But at least at the Blog I will get the sales speel with Comments 🙂 Here is some of what they say on their SEO Blog:

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New SEO Messageboard Added to Webseo

Webseo has become so popular this year, I am unable to keep up with all the chit chat and email sent to me, so I have decided to add a SEO Messageboard and you can now us it.

I have played around with messageboards on Webseo in the past with little success. In the beginnings of a new messageboard, people are leaving questions and others are answering them, but eventually the chit chat between members stops, leaving a messageboard with very little activity.

But, I have decided to add a messageboard, to give a chance to everyone to become involved with the website. My new Webseo Messageboard will cater for webmasters who either want to asks questions about website marketing and those that love sharing their experiences and I am going to be adding some high quality resources and tips, so that alone is enough to get involved.

From what I have been told, visitors that have already regitered to my blog should be able to use the same login details to the messageboard, but just like everything internet, I can’t promise it 🙂

Webseo Customer Alert! Search Engine Optimization Message Board has just been added Here

At the moment, the categories I have added include Search Engine Optimization ideas. I forum for optimization questions for Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing. Over time at the request of registered users I will be added more categories.

So one and all, it’s up to you for my messageboard to work. Keep commenting on my blog, but now there is a way to communicate directly with me and other registered users. Use the messageboard, don’t be a stranger and please, please don’t just sit there waiting for someone else to make the first post.

Webseo Customer Alert! Search Engine Optimization Message Board has just been added Here

Effects of Lazy Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have all read articles and websites informing us of how invaluable marketing is to a website. The same articles invariably bestow on us the fact that SEO is one of the most important techniques of online marketing you can undertake. In fact, if I were to hold my hands up, I could honestly say I’ve written a lot of similar articles, because they’re useful, factually correct, and if written well they’re helpful. However, it is not as common to see articles that inform you of the effects of a poor Internet marketing campaign.

Poor SEO Can Lead To More Than Just Poor SEO Results

I know you’re probably sat there thinking to yourself it’s simple, it won’t work and to an extent you’d be quite right. A poor Internet marketing campaign wouldn’t increase the traffic to your site and you wouldn’t see any positive effects. Or, at least, you won’t get the results you would have with a better marketing campaign. However, the problems run much deeper than mere ineffectiveness. A poor marketing campaign can seriously and adversely effect your online presence to such an extent that your website can become completely useless. Yes, you read that right. You could see your existing search engine traffic completely disappear.

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