Free SEO Report Card for Small Businesses

Everyone loves a freebie! Especially when it something that you can profits from.

My mates over at DIYSEO are now offering free of charge a  SEO report card on the search engine friendliness of your website. This service is normally a paid part of their full service, but now they are giving it away for nicks.

I suppose it’s not because they are generous souls and only want to help other website owners. I’m sure this is a marketing strategy to attract new clients. However, it’s still a pretty good offer. Oh yeh! The DIYSEO people are good people, just thought you needed to know.

When I got the original email, I headed over to the DIY Blog to check it out for myself. If I had gone to the salespage all I would have got was sales speel. But at least at the Blog I will get the sales speel with Comments 🙂 Here is some of what they say on their SEO Blog:

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An Introduction to Optimum SEO Procedures

Better SEO procedures are already constantly evolving seeing that the advent for the search engines themselves. As we enter 2010, this evolution continues, inexorably pushing the World-wide-web online place owner toward methods that start to sound much like conventional corporation plans.

Following Optimal SEO practices ought to supply you with a secure strategy for getting organic visitors to your internet site to the extended term. They can be broken into 4 key categories of activity:

1. Subject-Matter Expertise: When you usually are not an expert on the topic of your Internet internet sites, then invest the time to grow to be one, (or employ a single).
2. Advice Architecture: Structure a internet site that enables people to discover the fantastic subject material you’ve got in a fast and powerful manner.
3. Technical Implementation: Find out how to deal with the idiosyncrasies of search engines for getting the best seo results.
four. Marketing and advertising: Formerly recognized as “link building,” in 2007 we will begin to imagine of this as promoting and promotion

A longer version of this story for Search Engine Watch members adds a lot more perfect SEO procedures points, including a number of additional technical implementation guidelines, points on what not to accomplish, and legacy myths dispelled. Click here to master even more about becoming a member.
Subject-Matter Expertise

You want to own smart content material. Creating a large organic potential customers stream won’t happen unless you’ve useful written content. You have to have to provide a product on your internet site that most people choose to read about, and hyperlink to. In addition, you just won’t close market nicely unless your information is seen as higher high quality by prospects.

There are lots of ways to present expertise over a Net internet site. Below are several essential ideas:

1. Write fantastic articles about your location of expertise (but don’t burden these articles with sales pitches to your products or services)
2. Offer you nice tools that citizens will desire to use
three. Create a unique and valuable community on your site
four. Be a key source of news and material within your location of expertise

The crucial thing below is usually to think about high quality written content for consumers, instead of”link bait.” In which hyperlink bait seeks to generate quick and straightforward links from any source, a far better strategy is always to build believe in with your audience. Believe in creating isn’t a gimmick or a trick. Trust is anything which you earn and will keep your enterprise growing for years to arrive.
Important information Architecture

Wikipedia defines advice architecture as the “practice of structuring info(knowledge or data) for a purpose”. In broad strokes, imagine of this as user-centered pattern. (By the way, bots will eat this stuff up too.) The basic elements of an reliable data architecture include:

1. Understanding how your users think of the topic region of your internet site.
It’s wherever keyword mapping exercises arrive into play. Keyword resources just like Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker are helpful. Resources along the lines of these can help you come across out how customers seek for things associated on the material you may have, or strategy to possess, on your own Internet place. Map your navigation and pages to the important things you study during this exercise.
two. A nicely defined and clear global navigation scheme.
Make it simple for people to navigate your articles. The menus on your site will want being consistent in structure and location. It’s helpful to implement a “bread crumb” bar (like the “Search Engine Watch Forums > Search Engine Advertising and marketing Strategies > Search Engine Optimization” hyperlinks at the top of this SEW forum page), showing the structure of a website, to aid the consumers remember in which they’re and how they got there.
three. Leverage typical UI methods.
This is no time to implement a new paradigm. End users have been conditioned by other Online websites to appear for important things in certain places on a online site. Take advantage of this and make life simpler for them.

Technical Implementation

Whilst the search engines urge us to “design for users,” not search engines, the reality is that the search engines have specific basic specifications. Failure to meet these needs can spell a number of doom for ones site’s prospects. Here is our list of 5 factors that you simply require to do to put together a solid technical implementation with the search engines:

1. Implement a clear navigation scheme that might be fully crawled using text back links
2. Minimize the number of clicks for a key information.
Search engines look to blog owners for clues as to what is critical on the given webpage. If a piece of content and articles is 4 clicks from the home page, what are you saying about its significance?
3. Put into action pages that are rich in search engine visible articles.
This indicates text based articles and descriptions, and text based hyperlinks. Give the spider a specific thing to chew on.
4. Effectively weblink related articles within your own webpage.
This is mostly a magnificent tool for reinforcing the relevance of pages on your website.
5. Write effective meta description tags.
This is not going to guide your ranking at all. In spite of this, these descriptions regularly get applied by search engines as the description they show for your website in their results. So write a specific thing here which is most likely to obtain a user to click through to your internet site.


Getting many people to website link to you remains an significant component of this marketing and advertising effort. We’re not suggesting that you just purchase hyperlinks, or swap them by the bushel. We mean having citizens to give you links without giving them something in return.

Seeing that everyday people won’t typically weblink for you for the express purpose of making you money, why would they do it? Due to they care about their visitors, and they believe your internet site has anything of value for them, including beneficial article content. This also occurs to be the profile among the online sites whose hyperlinks to your site are most likely to have the highest value while in the eyes within the search engines.

For years, our industry has thought of this process as “link building”. It’s time to change our thinking. Not that there’s something wrong with link developing, or its close cousin that we all talk about, “link baiting.” Hyperlinks still drive higher quest phrase rankings. But a couple of facts have changed:

1. Considering we absolutely need to think of hunt phrase-specific Page Rank, we should get remarkably relevant internet sites to link to our online websites.
two. Given that swapping is now heavily discounted, this kind of activity has come to be virtually a waste of time. The exception is swapping links with remarkably relevant online sites. The best seo guideline to use right here is: Would you website link towards other blog even if they didn’t hyperlink back for you? If the answer to this can be yes, then go ahead and do a swap.
3. Weblink purchasing can be a practice that works seriously effectively for lots of everyone. Nevertheless, it comes with considerable risks, so get over it. Why would you need to do this with any opportunity that you simply are developing to the long term?

So what does this mean? It indicates you possess to obtain your hyperlinks by unique means(in Smith Barney terms you may have to “earn it”). Good subject matter. A reputation as an open small business that builds relationships with its buyers and partners. In short assemble believe in. This is certainly what will get many people to hyperlink to your site.

No doubt that there are various opportunities to drive up search engine customers implementing tactics that are not in keeping with their terms of service. You require to view these techniques as both a risk and a distraction. It is a risk considering the customers you get from these approaches will go away when the search engines catch up to them, or you can get banned inside worst case.

It is a distraction since it keeps you from focusing on constructing the trust in your venture. The believe in is the enduring asset that you are trying to create. When you spend time working on other things, you happen to be setting up a weak foundation to your organisation. If you happen to be thinking about constructing your Web blog as an asset to your small business, there is certainly no time for distractions.

But you can’t ignore the technical requirements from the search engines. Getting these right is critical. Don’t consider of it as designing your internet site for search engines. Imagine of it as designing your website for customers, but being search engine smart at the same time.

What Is Page Rank?

You can’t surf for long on the internet without coming across the concept of page rank.  In fact if you use a google tool bar like Firefox you can see a little widget with Pagerank displayed for each page you visit.  What is Page Rank?  Why is it important?

The page rank goes from a scale of 0 through to 10.  Most new sites start off at 0 and can stay there unless the operator takes some steps to improve it.  Article-Gems at the time of writing this article has a page rank of 3, not huge but not bad for being online 3 months.  One of the largest article directories Ezine Articles has a page rank of 6-7, and not surprisingly Google has a page rank of 10.

Page rank is a way Google determines how important a web page is in relation to every other page on the internet.  It is believe each step up the scale is significantly harder to achieve.  The page rank is normally written up as PR0, PR1, PR2, etc.  Sometimes it appears as a green bar.

One way to improve your Page Rank is to have other well-ranked pages link into your site.  It’s like a vote for your site by these other sites.  However before you go submitting to every link farm out their note that google will penalize you for these types of links.  Quality is more important than quantity.  It can get quite complicated.  For example even if a PR9 site ranks into yours, this may not be as valuable to your site if that PR9 site has a 1000 links.  A PR6 site with just one link to your site might be of more value.  The number of pages on the site is also believed to be a contributing factor to page rank as well.

So why is page rank important.  Because it is one of the factors Google uses to determine where in their search engine results your page will be featured.  Obviously keywords and SEO plays an important role, but if there are two near identical pages in every other aspect the one with the higher page rank will be displayed higher in the search results.

With this in mind it helps explain why article directories are so important.  By submitting your article to an article directory with links to your site you are creating a vote for your website or blog.  Struggling to get your page noticed?  Then get busy and start submitting articles.  Not only will you get direct traffic from people following your article link you will also be working to improve your page rank.

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