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I just wrote a short post over on my WOrdpress support site WordPressclinic.com.au about a new WordPress plugin called SEO Rank Reporter.

Basically, the WordPress SEO Rank reporter plugin allows users to add specific keywords you want to rank for and updates their ranking every 3 days. Imagine optimising a new post for let’s say the keyword phrase ‘add url to google’ and then being able to keep tabs on how well or badly this keyword is ranking for you. And you will be able to update the rankings every 3 days.

What you have to keep in mind is that the Google TLD used in the WordPress SEO Rank Repoter is the .com Because I am an Australian and optimise my website for local Australian results I was able to modify the .php files so that my results were from google.com.au

I have a full review of this new WordPress plugin at WordPress Clinic and you can read it and download it form here: WordPress SEO Rank Checker

WordPress SEO Secrets

Google Loves Websites Built Using A WordPress Blog

Google really does loves WordPress websites!

Maybe I don’t blog as much as I should. But when I do, I get indexed very fast. I get high rankings, and that brings in a lot of extra traffic to all my sites.

Let me prove it to you right now. Go to Google and Google “earn money with wordpress” (without quotes) and you will see my wordpress site wordpress-profits.com is on the first page. [15/9/2009] And you know what? This website this is one of the newest sites I own. Yet mine is on first page.

Let me give you another example. Google “wordpress money” (again without quotes) and you will see my wordpress site wordpress-profits.com is on the first page again. [15/9/2009] Yep, Google loves WordPress alright.

But that’s not entirely true. The more accurate statement would be “Google Loves an SEO OPTIMIZED WordPress website”

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