WordPress SEO Rank Checker Plugin

I just wrote a short post over on my WOrdpress support site WordPressclinic.com.au about a new WordPress plugin called SEO Rank Reporter.

Basically, the WordPress SEO Rank reporter plugin allows users to add specific keywords you want to rank for and updates their ranking every 3 days. Imagine optimising a new post for let’s say the keyword phrase ‘add url to google’ and then being able to keep tabs on how well or badly this keyword is ranking for you. And you will be able to update the rankings every 3 days.

What you have to keep in mind is that the Google TLD used in the WordPress SEO Rank Repoter is the .com Because I am an Australian and optimise my website for local Australian results I was able to modify the .php files so that my results were from google.com.au

I have a full review of this new WordPress plugin at WordPress Clinic and you can read it and download it form here: WordPress SEO Rank Checker

Thesis WordPress SEO Theme

The Thesis Theme from Chris Pearson and DIYthemesDuring a recent survey I ran on WebSeo it was very clear that a lot of you wanted me to use a simple theme. No more heaps of wizz and bang. I must say I was thrown by the results. From over 500 completed surveys, it was clear that 73% wanted easy to read content and less ads.

Well I listened and went searching for a theme that:

  1. Was simplistic but still looked good
  2. Gave me more than one way to search engine optimize it.
  3. Gave me heaps of flexibility to modify the look and feel

Well I found 2 themes. The first one was one of my own.  Search Engine Optimized WordPress theme is a simple theme I developed a few months back and has been downloaded 667 times. I love this theme, but it didn’t give me the flexibility I wanted. I kept searching.

I had read a couple of posts at Digital Point Forums about Search Engine Optimized themes and from the 30 replies, 18 said that the best SEO theme on the market was Thesis. So I checked it out.

Thesis is a new WordPress theme developed by Chris Pearson in 2008.  This is what Chris said when asked about Thesis.

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My New Search Engine Optimized Theme

I recently sent out a request to my mailing list asking them to complete my online survey and from the replies to that survey, I decided to update my theme to a newer user friendly one.

The answers to the question if my subscribers like the then theme, it was a resounding “it looks like crap and confusing”. So emmediately I started looking for a theme that would fix the “confusing issue” and I found Thesis. Thesis is one of your free to download and use themes, noooo it’s one that you have to pay for and you have to pay big bucks to own it. Luckily, I had the funds, so I bit the bullet and uploaded it an hour ago.

I can hear a lot of you ask why would I pay for a theme, when there are 1000’s of great themes that cost “no buck”? Well, I had heard of Thesis before and I also heard that the seo benifits of this WordPress theme were exciting and I also concidered that most free wordpress themes were designed solely for getting quality backlinks and not much search engine optimization refinement was added to them. However Thesis is a real WordPress theme with all the wizz bang features that a good blog theme should have.

Everything is customisable and no Thesis website is the same as another (unless you use it straight out of the box) as everything can be changed. And I love changing things 🙂

So that’s why I changed the theme. My subscribers said they didn’t like the last theme and I am hoping they like this one. Only time will tell. If you want to leave me some feedback on my new theme, leave a comment below.