Best Website Marketing Tool…Ever!

Free Article Spinning Service is now Free to Beta testers – but you must be quick!

best-content-spinnerArticle Marketing is by far the most powerful website marketing strategy you can have in your website marketing and promotion arsenal and now using a program just about to be released to the internet, you can take any article and make 20 unique versions of the same article with a simple click of a button.

I have been using a new article spinner tool developed by my good friend and yours, Jonathan Leger. Jonathan is one of the most successful website owners I know. He only develops tools to make webmasters jobs easier and The Best Spinner is no exception.

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Basically The Best Spinner allows you to take a single article and make 10, 20, 30 or 50 different versions of the same article. Each article unique enough so that you can submit each article to any Article portal and have it approved without any questions.

Imagine taking an article, any article and with the click of a few buttons you can have The Best Spinner produce 20 new articles from it. Each article you can submit to websites like or and be assured that you will have each article approved, giving you another 20 powerful backlinks from the article portal and possibly 100’s of quality backlinks from websites that republish your article on their websites.

The Best Spinner is for a very short time, free to use for beta testing. You can use Content Spinner free until February 1st. After which you will need to pay a very small fee of $47 per annum. So if you hurry you can get at least a week to produce as many articles as you like.

Jonathan tells me that this script is by far the most popular and useful program he has produced so far, and I have to agree with him. I have bought or sold every program he has developed. I was lucky enough to be invited into the small list of Alpha testers in the beginning and I can attest that The Best Spinner is absolutely one of the most powerful tools I own.

Don’t waste any more money or time. You have until Feb 1 to get a beta testers version of The Best Spinner. I am positive that you will like the script so much you will be more than happy to pay the pittance Jon is asking for as an annual fee after The Best Spinner goes live on February 1st.

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PS. Jonathan asked me to write him a testimonial so once you have reached the The Best Spinner page, scroll down until you see “Steve Szasz from

PSS. The Best Spinner is free until the first of February, so you have to act fast…. very fast

====> Here is your person link:  Get The Best Spinner while it’s Free. <====

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6 thoughts on “Best Website Marketing Tool…Ever!”

  1. Don’t get me wrong, this seems like a great product when used ethically. It does however, seem like a much easier way of stealing quality content! Yes, I know people do it already by outsourcing rewrite jobs, but it just seems all too easy now…

    As a blogger producing original quality content, does this not concern you?

  2. Well yes it is a bit like stealing, I totally agree. But it isn’t really. You are taking an original article and rewriting it to suit your needs. A bit like a musician will re-write a song and release it.

    Article spinner allows you to totally re-write an original article and make it totally unique. But if you have a problem with that, I suggest you don’t do it. Good quality articles will always out perform any article that has been spun. And no articles on my website have been Spun, they are all original.

  3. mmm…interesting analogy with the musician…being an ex musician myself, I would not be happy at all if someone re-wrote my song and then released it without paying me – or at least getting permission!

    But you are right, if you don’t like it don’t do it…I guess without the ability to re-write and give our view on other people’s ideas, we would have no (or not so many) great blogs to read! Six of one, half a dozen of the other??

    And I don’t doubt you write original content, hence the reason I am impelled to engage in discussion with you…

  4. It’s pretty amazing to think that one article can become upto 50. How does google like this? Wouldn’t it pick up on it as the combination’s of words would still be the same? What about grammar, do the new articles make sense to the reader?

  5. Coupons I wouldn’t spin an article to make 50 copies. I might spin for around 5 or 10, then I would go through all of them to make sure they make sense, spelling and gramar are good and then I would optimise each one of them for keyword density of around 3% before submitting them to article websites, or publish them on my own websites.


  6. that’s how you should do, theoretically, but if you’re not very interested in creating very readable articles, you can just spin an article for 50 articles and hope that make sense, because anyway, people may think you’re not a native english speaking and they may forget you. anyway, this works only if you want to create a lot of articles with the purpose of SEO mostly, not articles for your main site, where you would definitely want to have readable content. anyway, i saw that if you choose the synonyms with care, the articles generated make sense

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