Free SEO Report Card for Small Businesses

Everyone loves a freebie! Especially when it something that you can profits from.

My mates over at DIYSEO are now offering free of charge a  SEO report card on the search engine friendliness of your website. This service is normally a paid part of their full service, but now they are giving it away for nicks.

I suppose it’s not because they are generous souls and only want to help other website owners. I’m sure this is a marketing strategy to attract new clients. However, it’s still a pretty good offer. Oh yeh! The DIYSEO people are good people, just thought you needed to know.

When I got the original email, I headed over to the DIY Blog to check it out for myself. If I had gone to the salespage all I would have got was sales speel. But at least at the Blog I will get the sales speel with Comments 🙂 Here is some of what they say on their SEO Blog:

This morning, we are excited to announce the launch of our free SEO Report Card. The brand new Report Card grades websites based on a set of SEO success factors and is aimed at helping small businesses ultimately get ranked in search engines. The tool offers small businesses a user-friendly method to easily understand the strengths and weaknesses of their site (without all the confusing jargon and messy numbers). The report card also provides sites with their current search engine rankings and other metrics versus selected competitors.

Similar to the DIYSEO application, we feel that the SEO Report Card helps make the complex world of search engine optimization simpler and more attainable than ever for small businesses. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Heres an example of the SEO report:

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2 thoughts on “Free SEO Report Card for Small Businesses”

  1. Hi Adrian
    Welcome to Webseo. I don’t personally do the free SEO reports, but an associated SEO firm does. They are called DIYSEO and you need to click the “SEO report card” backlink in the text above. I did a free report myself and I was amazed at how much details and tips they provide.

    Please let me know how your report went.


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