I got this email today

I got this email from a subscriber today, “I have been on your mailing list for about a year and I just wanted to let you know that today I got my first Clickbank cheque, nothing special for your Steve but because of the help your website has given me I can know cash an $11,000 check which will help me pay for my kids teeth and my wife’s 30th bithday party. Thankyou very very much Steve and please continue giving all of us the advice and tips you have so generously given to me” Matt from Mew York.

I get a lot of email from my subscribers, most are appreciative emails, thanking me for helping them promote their websites so that they actually earn a few bucks from their sites. Others send me emails asking simple SEO questions and then I get a few emails calling me a scammer because I sent them an email with an affiliate link in it.

But it’s the emails like the one above sent to me from Matt that keeps me doingwhat I do. I love the idea that something I wrote about was implemented by one of my subscribers and they won. There’s nothing cooler than getting an email saying they got their first page one ranking on Google for a keyword they had optimised their webpage for. Or another email from a subscriber who had built a new Blog in the morning and by utilising a .gov link I provided had been visited by Google 98 minutes later, then got their first Clickbank sale 2days later. I could tell you about all these wonderful stories all day.

I am what you call an Internet Marketing Junkie. I love all things Internet marketing. I love the thrill of earning money from my passion. I love it when a hard to get keyword phrase comes in at position one on Google Australia for a difficult keyword phrase.

To distract I have a web design company and 60% of my time is spent designing and then search engine optimizing company websites. lately I have added another product to my web design offerings. I now offer a WordPress Installation service to website owners who either don’t have the skills to install and fine tune a WordPress Blog, or plainly just don’t have time. I needed to get as much free traffic to the page I was promoting my WordPress install product, so I set about putting together all my cards to see if I could get at least a page one for the search term “wordpress installation service“.

It took me exactly 56 hours to get the new page noticed by Google and to get to position 1 for my keyword phrase. It wasn’t that difficult considering my market is 100% Australian, and I only had to come up on Googles Australian websites. Results here: WordPress installation service.

Back on track now. There is nothing more exciting than working your ass off and get rewarded with a high ranking. High rankings are what it’s all about. That’s where the traffic is and that’s where the money is.

So the point of my post is, if you feel the need to send me an email with your praise, questions and bagging, just know I love getting them(even the boofheads who feel they need to stuff up my day:) and will try to answer as many as I can. Commenting on Posts is by far the best way to contact me, but if it’s of a more personal matter, you can email me at steve@webseo.com.au.

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  1. i guess it feels really good to get such mails from people thanking you for helping them. in fact, that’s what a successful person does: it becomes successful by helping other people become successful. Keep up the good work.


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