This free keyword research tool is a little gem.

Sometimes while I am doing my keyword research, I come across tools and scripts that claim to be the easiest and best. Some cost you a few dollars. Keyword Elite is a tool I use all the time in my keyword research. However sometimes I want a simple tool that just gives me what I want at the time.

Yesterday I was writing the content for a salespage for Google Split Tester and while looking around “My Computer” I found a freebie keyword software I had forgotten about. The software is called Google Suggestor and for the life of me, I am not sure how I got my hands on it or were. I know I got it for free, it was in my “Freebie Folder”.

Google Suggestor, is a very simple program that uses Google to find keywords related to your search. What I love about this program is the ability to research Google using the search results you have already recieved. So if you recieved 100 keywords in your first search, hit the “Suggest Button” again and you will have an expanded list of keywords. Click the “Suggest Button” again and the list grows even more.

Check out these screen captures:

This is the main interface. Type in the keyword you are researching and then click the “Suggest Button” on the righthand side. Normally this will only take a few seconds.


After you have completed the first search browse the results and delete any keywords that are not useful, then click the “Suggest Button” again. You can keep doing this technique until you have a large list of targeted keywords.

Something I only just discoverd is that the results from Googlesuggestor are very accurate. I recon out of the 500 keywords I searched “split test adsense” for, I only had to delete 11 keywords. Most of the keywords were spot on.

Also, I found 13 very targeted 5 word keywords. As you would already know, I am into longtail keywords and I have just found 13 fantastic ones. So if you are like me give Googlesuggestor for your longtail keyword research.

You can download this fantastic tool here: Download Googlesuggestor

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10 thoughts on “This free keyword research tool is a little gem.”

  1. Thanks Steve.

    You simply make SEO sound like a smooth ride. I have been working on SEO for the past 4 months and got really worked up by the “expert talk” all over the net. Glad reached you soon. I look forward for every new discovery or invention you do to make my life simple.

    Great going….


  2. Lalitha. I visited your website and immediately I found one thing you could do that will help your SEO. Page titles are vital and your homepage title was “Anmipro Technologies Private Limited”. You need to have your keywords in there, not your company name.

    Also, you havnt utilised h1,h2,h3 tags either. I would also make sure that each page has an optimised name. In the case of animation pahe, I would have called it something like animations.html. You must always add your keywords were ever you can.

    Hope I have been helpful


  3. Thanks a lot Steve…

    I am redeveloping our website and should be up by first week of October. I will keep your remark in mind for sure. I would love you to send back your comments on our new site.

    Will keep stalking you ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Hi there
    Thanks for the googlesuggestor toll. What am I meant to do with it. When I click on your link I am presented with a page full of hieroglyphics . I was expecting some kind of download to happen and for the tool to appear on my desktop ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you enlighten me?


  5. Kiwiw Viv I am not sure why you are having a problem with the download. The software has been downloaded 100’s of times without a hitch. I have sent it to you via email. Unzip it and instal and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi All..
    Thanx for Google Suggestor Tool. Its been 3 months i m working on SEO. I really look forward for more quality info n tools for SEO. I hope this tool will help me in Keyword reasearch n will take my site up in SERP. ๐Ÿ™‚ . If you have suggestions for my Site then plz let me know. Thanx

  7. SEO Geek no it dosnt. It only takes the current keywords. Its a simple keyword tool. If you want something better, you will need something like Keyword Elite.

  8. in my opinion, all the keyword tools use google’s adwords tool for keywords statistics. there are only a few applications that use other statistics, their own, but most of them use the statistics made available by google, yahoo and the other search engines

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