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One of the most powerful tools I use to get fantastic quality backlink to my websites are article I wrote myself. i would write about 5 articles a month and then submit them to 5 major article directories (and ezinearticles is not one of them).

No one likes sitting sometimes for up to 4 hours trying to write an article that not only unique but must make sense and other webmasters must like it enough to add it to their websites. Well, your friend and mine Jonathan Leger has just released another tool that will make article writing a pleasure and a brand new unique, make sense article can be written in less than 5 minutes. Here’s what Jon says about his new tool called ‘Instant Article Factory‘.

Crank Out High Quality Articles In Under 5 Minutes With This Article Writing Power Tool!

Click on image to see the video of Instant Article Factory in action

Just look at what Instant Article Factory can do!

  • Write quality articles in 5 minutes or less on virtually any subject.
  • Remove writers block by leading you all the way through the article’s creation.
  • Remove the boring, tedius parts of article writing — because the “filler” is already there for you.
  • Save you money — you won’t need to hire people to write for you anymore!
  • Write once, reload the article, and with a few tweaks you’ve got another piece of unique content in seconds.
  • 17 built-in templates make it easy to write a variety of articles for any subject.
  • Create your own custom templates with the built-in Template Builder.
  • Use templates other users have created and shared.
  • The templates are regularly rewritten from scratch to ensure unique content continues despite a large user base.

So what are you waiting for! Check out Instant Article Factory for yourself here: Quickest Article Writing Tool

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19 thoughts on “Quickest Article Writing Tool On The Internet”

  1. I’m not a big fan of this software.. i used a few and the articles generated were so dummy, that even a 3 years old kid could write something better.. why is this better than the other softwares?

  2. The number one reason it is better than all the other article writing software is because even a 3 year old can use it and with some finer tuning and editing you can write an article similar to one written by a professional writer.

    I wouldn’t suggest you use the originalk article written. I always edit any article I write with this software, but time is were this software is far superior to anything else on the market.

  3. well, of course i wouldn’t use the original article, i’m sure it will also need some fine tuning, i just am a little sceptic. on the other hand, rewriting an well written article using best spinner is a great way to create more articles. i keep talking about that best spinner, but after i read your post and watched the video, i can’t get it out of my mind:D


  4. This tool can help you if you have problems writing articles but I think that you can’t rely entirely on this software. The best ideas come only from your mind. I mean, common, 5 minutes for an article? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi John, thanks for your comment. You can write a pretty mediocre article in 5 minutes using this software, but to be real, I take the article the software produces and then do a final edit, making sure I have the correct keyword density, number of words and makes sense enough that others will want to add it to their websites. I use this software (well I dont use it, my partner uses it) every second day, writing up to 4 new articles a day. The article is written using the software, then the final edit is done, then the hardest bit is to make sure it is submitted properly to the article direcories like ezinearticles.com

  6. @John Of course you can’t rely entirely on this kind of software, no matter how performant it wants to be. but it’s still an option… or better, you can use article spinners, that also can help, although you can’t rely 100% on them… or, even better, hire a freelancer to write the articles for you:)

  7. Hi Groom and John

    How I use it is I do a little research on what Im about to write about and then using Article factory I write a rough draft, then I go into Word and but the final touches to it. The whole idea about writing articles is to produce something of quality and even though I can quite easily write a draft in Article Factory, it will take me another 30 minutes to bring it up to a high enough quality I would be proud of.


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  9. Hello yayan

    Writing your own articles are the ultimate way to go. You get great content for your website and you also get an article you can submit to the article directories. So instead of taking an article from ezinearticvles you give one to them.



  10. Hello everybody

    yes it is true you cant rely on this kind of tools…i have tried a dozen of them and i always ended up writing an article by myself……BUT let’s say that this article factory does work….why is better than the other similar tools…..
    I always need new articles and content for my new website but so far it is a real big headache for me……and i am desperate for something that does work for a change

  11. Hi Jack
    From my point of view Article Factory is better than the rest because its so much easier than any other article writing script I have bought. You still write the article, but its like joining the dots we used to play when we were kids. You give your article a title, after you have chosen a template and then its as simple as filling in the dots. Then after you have finished the first draft, you save your article and then final edit it in Word. I use my copy of article factory at least 3 times a week. If I am going to write an article for one of my sites I might as well use article factory and then submit it to the srticle directories as well ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. GM, instant article factory makes a completely unique article each time, there will be no problem at all with duplicate content.


  13. Hi,

    I’m looking for article writing software and wonder how this compares with Article Architect and Instant Article Wizard Pro?

  14. Hi Earle
    I have AW as well. I bought it when it first came out and I personally think that Istant Article Factory is much better. IAF is not an application that changes words, it takes what ever words you put in it and expands upon it. Quite unique actually.


  15. I usually find that I spend so much time in having to correct/re-write the spun articles that I might have well done them myself in the first place. Don’t mean IAF in particular, just all of these software tools. They’re robots, not humans and it’s difficult to overcome this!

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