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rss-submission-websitesSearch engine traffic is not the only traffic you will need to develop a successful website. Traffic from anywhere is great, as long as it’s targeted.

One of the fantastic things about publishing a blog is the many ways you can promote your website. The more places you promote it the more traffic you’ll recieve and one of the most popular ways to get heaps of free traffic to your website is by using the RSS feed of your blog.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a simple way to have the content from your website, show up on 1000’s of other websites. Not only is this a fantastic way to gain high quality backlinks, but the organic (visitors) traffic from these sites can account for more than 60% of your overall site traffic.

RSS Feed Readers | News aggregators are simply websites that agree to publish your websites content on theirs and they do this by reading your RSS Feed. WordPress has the RSS Feed feature and can usually be found by going to your homepage and then adding the word “feed” after your domain name. Here is the example for my website However my website has been optimized by Feedburner, but thats another Post.

What we need to do is submit that RSS Feed to as many RSS Feed Aggregators as we can. It has to be remembered that once you have submitted your website to a RSS Feed Aggregator, you never have to do it again. When you add new content to your website, you RSS Feed will be updated no matter were it is published.

So were can I find these RSS Feed Readers | News Aggregators? Well I have made it easy for you. I have made up a short list of the best ones for you.

Name Alexa Category
2RSS 40,406 General
ASP Resource Index 53,546 ASP
Automotive RSS Feed Directory 164,169 Automotive
Blawg 215,261 Legal
Blog Catalog 574 General
BlogBunch 138,776 General
Blogdigger 38,617 General
Blogoriffic 175,665 Blogging
BlogPulse 58,268 General
Boing Boing 6,210 General 135,357 News
DevASP 202,710 ASP
Dr.5z5 Open Feed Directory 45,314 General
Educational Feeds 544,367 Educational
FeedAge 16,884 General
FeedBase 93,882 General 43,934 General
FeedBomb 161,866 General
FeedBoy 141,374 General
FeedBurner 485 General
FeedCat 35,875 General
Feedest 42,670 General
FeedFarm 69,934 General
FeedFury 14,224 General
Feedgy 114,394 General
feedmailer 303,943 General
feedmap 81,471 General
FeedNuts 159,211 General
FeedPlex 125,076 General 332,658 General
Feeds4all 86,967 General
Feeds4All 152,221 General
FeedSee 98,838 General
FeedZa 370,203 General
Feedzie 1,010,123 General
Finance Investing Feeds 352,200 Financial
Free Feeds Directory 171,864 General
Fyber Search 47,472 General
GoldenFeed 92,809 General
Government Feeds 898,930 Government
Icerocket 33,740 General
JordoMedia 72,860 General
Keegy 0 General
LeighRSS 127,402 General
Medical Feeds 601,927 Medical
MedWorm 106,260 Medical
MetaFeeder 44,675,479 General
MillionRSS 34,631 General
Money High Street 586,512 Financial
News Knowledge 372,936 General
News Master 4,460,622 News
News On Feeds 133,189 General
NewsMob 327,342 General
NewsNow 2,748 News 277,452 News 94,812 General
Paid Directory 277,061 General
Plazoo 34,133 General
Political Feeds 769,963 Political
PressRadar 216,277 General
Property Showroom 112,885 Real Estate
RDF Ticker 271,146 General
Read A Blog 49,610 General
Realty Feed Search 488,428 Real Estate
Realty Feeds 391,405 Real Estate
Redtram 1,229 News
Religious Podcasts 803,696 Religion
RSS 001 654,088 General
RSS Feed Direktorijum 5,231,706 General
RSS Feeds Directory 170,615 General
RSS feeds Israel 757,476 General
RSS Junky 911,253 General
RSS 29,272 General
RSS Network 71,749 General
RSS Podcast Directory 2,474,095 Podcasts
RSS Reader 889,918 General
RSS Root 0 General
RSS Verzeichnis 28,336 General
RSS-Feed 223,487 General
RSS-xpress 173,764 General
RSSbuffet Feed Directory 169,222 General
rssHugger 98,617 General
RSSMicro 53,865 General
RSSMotron 96,443 General
RSSMountain 45,735 General
RSStop10 859,236 General
SciencePORT 255,491 General
Security Protection Feeds 474,893 Security
SolarWarp.Net 321,270 General 157 General
Sports Feeds 645,836 Sports
Syndic8 36,340 General
Technorati 550 General
Topix 813 Local
Videocasting Station 761,317 Videocasting
WeBlogALot 68,972 General 896,717 General
Yahoo 1 General
Zimbio 567 General


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  1. I appreciate this info. I’ve read alot of information that hasn’t been that helpful until now. I’m applying your suggestions. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the list an im glad you included the Alexa traffic rank of each directory, it gies me a better idea of which ones its actually worth submitting to.

  3. nice list and you also took your time to actually put the submit link for each readers:) i wonder if there is a free tool for submitting your feed to all these readers and aggregators.. doing it manually can take a while, especially if you’re having more sites


  4. Thanks for the list! It would have been better if there was a central place where we could submit the RSS feed to all these sites all at once. I know there are paid softwares but it would have been good to have free ones as well.

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