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Steve Szasz has been earning a fulltime living, working online since Sept 2006. He currently posts Search Engine Optimization tips and advice on a number of authority sites and his current projects include 2 Internet Maketing sites designed for WordPress Blog users.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of adding and changes elements of your website that will assist a search engine, search bot to work out what your site is about and then help it to decide if the information your site is providing is more relevant and higher regarded than your competitors.

A search engine can do this easier if your provide the sorts of data it needs to give you a result benefitial to you.  And how does a search engine do this and is there anything i can do to make this process easier?

4 thoughts on “Website Promotion | Search Engine Optimization”

  1. hi steve,

    i’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but i’m interested to know in terms of seo what is the value of the title attribute in a backlink?

    most links just have the href link bit and link text but i’ve recently noticed others that also have a title attribute (sub-tag)

    and, rather interestingly, i’ve just picked up a site that looks very average in terms of its overall seo: does not have any keywords in domain name or meta title and has only a handful of average links to it, but it is doing very well on google….

    so i had a look at the actual links and one of them had a title attribute containing keywords….. coincidence, or not?!

    really appreciate your site mate,

    from dave the chinese tea lover 🙂

  2. Hi Dave
    I love the backlink title tag! Anything that highlights the backlink keyword is a plus and the title tags gives us another opportunity to show our keyword. I don’t know the logistics why Google likes the title tag, all I know is it does. I try to add a title tags to atleast 50% of my hyperlinks on any given post.

    Can you give me the url of the website you are speaking about so that I can have a looksy to see if I can work out why it works so well?


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