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How use the free Xenu software to develop your sitemap.

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your very own sitemap

Open Xenu Link sleuth and click on file then new. Put the url you wish to link check. Now click "ok"

make a sitemap

Xenu Link sleuth will check you website and give you a read out like this. Press "r" when the scan has finished.

optimise your sitemap pic

This is the report as a webpage. Click "view then source" to get the html code of the report.

get code for your sitemap pic

Now click select all then copy to copy the html code of the report.

sitemap security pic

Double click the word document you downloaded earlier. Click tools, macro and security and select medium.

word sitemap pic

In the document window paste the html code you copied from the report in the space labelled "HERE". Then, while holding down the control key press X. Answer yes to all prompts except don't save this document. The code you need will be highlighted. Copy the highlighted code. Then, open your html editor and paste the code under the body tag.

completed sitemap pic

This will be the appearance of your sitemap and it will be ideal for search engine submission. Clean it up by removing unnecessary entries and save the page as sitemap.html

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