Adding your website to a search Directory.

Optimization techniques to add your web pages and URL to the web search directories.

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A directory is simply a manual entry database system. You, as the web site owner or webmaster submit your url (website address) and supply the directory with the necessary information during the submission process. At a minimum, this information includes, url, title and a short description of your website. Directories don't as a rule have any program capable of visiting your website, although a few directories do have a simple robot capable of checking that you provided a valid web address.

While search engines and directories have elements in common; such as the ability to search the data base, the primary distinction lies in how the two systems obtain your website details. Search engines do it automatically, whereas directories do it manually, using human editors.

Additionally search directories differ from search engines in that they allow you to browse the structure of the directory and the listings in each of its sections.

Where to start your web directory submission?

There are a few things which must be completed before your webpages are submitted. Firstly, ensure that your web site is as complete as it can be. A web site is never totally finished but having sections that have 'Under Construction' headers are detrimental when trying to get ranked by an important directory. Try not to use 'Coming Soon' phrases either, as this implies that your website is incomplete. Avoid doing this, be more creative in the way you phrase text.

You need to be able to view your website in several browsers without any errors. Check its operation in Netscape and Explorer as a minimum.

As well as looking at your site in Netscape and Explorer, view your site in several different resolutions. The 3 main resolutions you want to check for are: 640 x 480 resolution | 800 x 600 resolution | 1024 x 768 resolution

Also check for bad links and javascript errors; ensuring that all your images are loading. Also check for spelling and typing errors.

For web directory submission choose the category and keywords carefully.

Use your most important keywords and keyphrases in the title and description. Use a title starting with a, b or c , as most directories list alphabetically. Directories like to see contact information, a privacy policy, a terms and conditions page and if you sell goods, a return policy on your site before they'll index it.

The site description posted with your URL (website address) is a big factor in how your site will rank once it's listed in the directory. It is very important to do this right the first time. If you put too much promotional hype in your description or make it too long, then the editors may well change it. If they do, you can be sure your keywords won't appear in the final listing. Be accurate and include your most important keywords when ever possible. If you have a good meta description tag for your site, start with that.

Move words around until you have the shortest yet most descriptive sentence possible. Be sure the words you're using in your description appear on the pages of your web site. If they don't and the site appears to be about subjects other than what you described in your submission, your description might be edited. It's very difficult to change a site description once it's listed in most directories

Find the exact page you want to be listed on before submitting to the major directories. Your submission will be rejected if you choose an inappropriate category. Find which category your competition is in and add your site to that one. Choose sub-categories over top level categories. If you submit to a top level category when appropriate sub-categories are available, there's a good chance your submission will be rejected. Also, if your site has a geographical focus, then be sure you submit to the appropriate geographic region

All directories are different. They all have varying criteria for indexing your website. Some will only index your homepage while others will consider indexing other important pages within your site. This is why you should consider filling your homepage with relevant keywords. Don't waste it on a 'splash' entry page with just a picture or 'enter here' message as directory editors won't tend to list splash pages. Although every directory has its own procedure, the basics of choosing the most appropriate category and creating the best description apply across the board.

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