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Keywords and keyword phrase selection is the only real optimisation technique that can dramatically change your website ranking position.

Selecting the right keywords and having the right amount in each page can be a nightmare even for the professionals. But by using our Keyword Extractor Tool you make that job easier.

Step by step guide on how to use Keyword Extractor

1: Place the text from your web page you are optimizing in box 1.
2: You select the minimum character count of the keywords your are looking for.
3: Select the minimum amount of times a word is used.
4: Press the "Generate Keywords" button or "Clear All" to start again.
5: Copy and paste this resulting keywords into your webpage between the <head> </head>tags.

Website Keyword tool - extract the best keywords from your web site.

This tool finds and makes a list of keywords from the text of your webpage.

Step 1: Place your webpage text in this box.

Step 2: Minimum count symbols in word (for words count):
Step 3: Minimum count words in text (for keywords):

Step 4:

Count of how many times each word appears in your text.

Step 5: Edit these resulting keywords then copy and paste the resulting code between the <head> tags in your webpage source code.

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