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Google and Overtures keywords and keyword phrases suggestion tools.

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Selecting the right keywords and keyword combinations for your website can be very time consuming and extremely boring at times. But, getting the very best keywords for your website can also be FREE and EASY! First step to creating great keywords is to write down on a pad the words that best describe what your website is offering. Ok in this sample we will use what I do! "Search Engine Optimization". Which in the real world are the techniques of fine tuning a website so as the search engines, position your website higher in the search engine rankings.

The keywords I may use to best describe what my website offers would be:

1. Search engine optimization
2. Submitting websites to the search engines
3. website submission

Get my point? Now I would use one of the many FREE services that allow me to query the search engines, to find more great keywords and phrases. The first one I use all the time, I don't use its suggestions alone. I also use another service to cross reference on.

Overture - Search Term Suggestion Tool

Is a free service that allows you to put in each of your written down keywords and searches the search engine for relevant keywords used by searches recently. It also gives you a readout of how many searches were made using that keyword or a combination of. Check the screenshot below.

overture keyword suggest tool

Google Adwords - Search Term Suggestion Tool

Is another free service from Google that allows you to put in each of your written down keywords and searches the Google Directory for relevant keywords used by recent searchers.

Screenshot 1: Google Adwords - Search Term Suggestion Tool keyword readout.

google adwords keyword suggest tool

By using both services and copying the content to a notebook document, you can have a selection of keywords you can feel confident will gain you a better search engine position. Use theses keyword selections and combinations in your title, content and link descriptions.


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