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When you first start a web-based business you need every bit of help you can get to make yourself known to your potential clients. With a couple of hours work and research you can get the most world's famous internet business working for you. I developed this idea after reading Jay Levison and Seth Godin's book ‘Guerrilla marketing for the home based business'. I doesn't matter if you are selling ships or shoes or sealing wax, or even cabbages or kings, there will be books about your product. No matter what your niche Amazon will be selling books about it.

Using to promote your website.

The obvious use of is to join the associate program and sell books and other goods for a commission. But a less known feature of Amazon is that you can also use it to build targeted traffic.

Here's how I did it. My niche is varietal wines, so I found the best selling half-dozen books about wine at Amazon. I then added a few of my favourites to get about ten books.

Next I used this list of books to build a ‘So you'd like to...' guide in which I put some references to my Vinodiversity site. All of the instructions are on the Amazon site.

‘So you'd like to…' guides are better than listmania lists because you get more opportunity to put in some copy. Try to write some copy rather than just listing the books or other products. This will establish you as some sort of expert in your niche.

Your guide will be displayed whenever anyone searches for any of the products you include. It is important to use a few of the most popular books to get your guide in front of a larger audience.

In my case the most popular book was ‘Wine for Dummies' so I gave my piece the title ‘So you'd like to graduate from the wine dummy class.' This title was chosen to tease viewers to have a look.

To see what I have done, go to Amazon and do a search for 'wine for dummies'. My guide will be displayed at the left of screen.

I must say I have had a steady stream rather than a flood of traffic from this source, but I have had a few useful contacts. I have also got the name of my business spread around the web more. And when you are just starting out every little bit helps.

Using amazon to generate traffic is becoming search engine friendly!

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