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Looking for a website hosting company to host your new site?

Or, do you already have a web host and are extremely disappointed with them? Then, read on... The first and most important step in selling on the web is to use a reliable web hosting service. If your web site is not hosted by a web hosting service who can guarantee that your web site will be up at all times of the day, you have already lost the battle to win on the web.

Yet, it is surprising how many people make the mistake of going with one of those cheap $5 per month hosting services in order to save a few dollars every month.

Sure, by going with those $5 per month services, you can save a bit of money. But, you will lose thousands more when your web site goes down and you lose sales. Not to speak of the severe credibility problem that you will have among your customers if your site is not up at all times.

If you are new to Internet marketing, and don't yet have a web site, then that's excellent. It means that you haven't yet made the mistake that causes the downfall of numerous online ventures every year. Read this article on the pitfalls to avoid when you are trying to select a web host for your site.

If you already have a web site, are you getting the best possible website hosting solutions?

A ask yourself the following questions:

1. Since you started hosting your site with your current host, has there been any occasion in which you have been unable to access your own site? Has there been any occasion in which your customers have reported that they couldn't access your site?

2. When you have faced a problem with your site and have sent an email to your web host, did they take more than one day to reply?

3. When you wanted to have a shopping cart installed at your site, did your web host tell you that it would cost you substantially more to install one?

4. When you wanted to have some add-on services like ecommerce or autoresponders or CGI scripts, did your web host tell you that it was not possible or that it would cost you a lot more?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, then you need to change your web host, and you need to do so NOW. Are the few dollars that you save with your current web host worth it when you consider the thousands that you stand to lose by way of lost sales?

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