Spam proof your website using html encoding

Protect your in box from unsolicited spam email.

One of the most annoying aspects of internet technology is spam. Spam proofing your email using anti spam software is vital. Millions upon millions of unsolicited emails are sent to unsuspecting email users everyday. Not only is it annoying to recieve spam but it's also illegal in most civilised countries around the world to send unwanted or asked for email.

Email harvesting and spam email.

Email harvesting robots are visiting thousands of websites every minute of the day and infact I would like to bet that one of them is visiting your website now. But there is a way to spam proof your website. Encrypt your email address and have no evidence of your actual email address or your clients. For example, if yours or clients email address was you could easily trick these email harvesting robots(crawler scripts) by using specilal character entities.

Encode your mailto: code to protect against unwanted email.

In your source code for a normal email link, it would look like this:
<A HREF="> Email Us</a> And as you can see, the email address is showing and could easily be harvested by the email harvesting scripts.

But if your email address was encoded it would look like this:
<A HREF="mailto:"&#097;&#100;&#109;&#105;&#110;&#06;">Email Us</a>

By using encoded your email addresses, you can basically make your website spam proof.Please use the form below to encode your email address against spam, then select and copy the source code and add it after the mailto: on all your email links.

Anti Spam email Script

Regular E-mail Address:

Encoded E-mail Address:

Select then copy this code to your source code.

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